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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Starting off with the list of movies I am looking forward to next year. I would start with favorite movies of 2009, but there are two coming out this month that might make the list and I don't want to have to rethink or change any of these.

Machete April 16th

Looks like I will be doing a double feature at the theatre on April 16th. I’ll be honest, I would rather see Thanksgiving or Don’t as full feature length movies before Machete, but since I don’t have any control over Eli Roth (yet, hehe) or Edgar Wright and can’t force them to make them, then I will get all reved up to see this. I loved Grindhouse, still pissed it wasn’t given the chance it should have. So to see something come from Grindhouse I will back it whole heartedly. Not trying to dog the trailer either, it was fucking bad ass. Total Robert Rodriguez. It should be fun times to get to see a grindhouse style movie again.

Piranha 3D April 16th

I will admit, I wasn’t that excited for this remake. Tacking on 3D to anything outside of a animated movie, it will most likely be shit (Jaws 3D? Why you trying fuck Otown like that by saying there is a pipe that goes from the coast TO THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING STATE and say that is how a great white shark got into Sea World?) but, when I saw Alexandre Aja as the director, I pushed aside my resintment for it being 3D. The man is talented when it comes to horrow. And even though this is a remake, it’s an odd, yet interesting scenario. So, sign me up. Plus, I want to see the rebirth of Elizabeth Shue (not playing herself) and did I mention RICHARD DRYFUSS is in it!

Extra fun times to be had since imdb is saying that boo boo kitty fuck aka Eli Roth has a cameo as a wet t-shirt contest judge/DJ.

Due Date November 5th

I had no clue Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galafianakis were going to be in the same movie together. That fact alone, I can’t wait to see the movie. Even if the plot sounds stupid (Galafianakis is playing a college slacker, he’s like 30, oh take take that back, he’s 40) I still want to see it. RDJ and what I am sure everyone will be refering him to as, that guy from Between Two Ferns, could pull it off. Not to mention the director also did The Hangover, Old School, and Starsky & Hutch.

Nightmare on Elm St. April 30th

I’m usually the first to complain about a remake, but this one I approve of. Not because the original is bad or anything, but I just can’t wait to see what they do with such an iconic character. I love horror movies, so to get to see someone like Freddy given a new life, it makes me tickled pink. I know that there are plenty of die hard fans who would disagree but after the last couple remakes and Freddy v. Jason (which didn’t really do so well, though I liked it), maybe this reboot will work in favor of the series.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1 November 19th

I never read the books. I’m not an uber fan of the movies either. But the producers of this franchise know how to turn a succesful book series into a pretty fantastic movie series. I know people bitch about shit getting left out, blah blah blah. No one wants to see and fucking four hour movie. Now I could do this whole comparison of how well the script is written, how great the actors are, the effects are above par, and list a bunch of other descriptions with postive words tacked on to make me seem like I know what I’m talking about, and then dog on another series (that for some reason I do enjoy too) for the shitty effects, retarded lead who blinks to fucking much, editing that is as sloppy as Sean Avery’s seconds, and a script that would still loose out to an essay written by Hellen Keller about the platypus. But I won’t do that. And I appologize for that run on sentence.

Needless to say, I can’t wait for this to come out.

The Green Hornet December 22nd

Never watched the original show, and I don’t read comic books. But I love me some Seth Rogen and fucking Cristoph Waltz is going to be in it! Sure, it could have been in the “eh, I’ll go see it” category, except I’m just on the tad excited side.

MacGruber April 23rd

It’s fucking MacGruber! Who wouldn’t be excited for this?

Honorable Mention:
Shutter Island, Alice in Wonderland, Remember Me, Clash of the Titans, The A-Team, Toy Story 3, Eclipse, Unstoppable, & Tron

I want to add A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas and Scott Pilgrim on here too, but they don’t have a release date yet. But watch, I post this and tomorrow we start getting dates for this shit.

I Am Dissapoint:

Every year, there are movies that dissapoint. Well, I already have a list of movies that will be released in 2010, that sure you could pay me to see, but when your not looking, I’ll hop into the next theatre or burn my eyes out after having to watch even a smidge of one of these movies. That sounds mean. Let’s just say, when I saw these I said “What the fuck?” or “FUCK THAT SHIT!”

The Tooth Fairy - January 22nd

A hockey movie about a guy (the Rock) who turns into the tooth fairy? Come the fuck on! Why do you have to make hockey look bad? The sport gets shit from people any way, now Disney has to make this and make hockey look even worse? Fuck that shit.

Step Up 3D - August 6th

Remember how I said tacking on 3D to a movie (outside of animated flicks) basically is giant sign for people who actually enjoy movies that it is going to be shitastic. Well, lets throw it on there to an over used genre of dance flicks, because no one has really gotten tired of seeing the under achieving, “bad ass” trying to make things right while learning valuable lessons along the way character. What the fuck?


I will tell everyone to go see this movie, not because I love horror movies, but because the owner of the Lightning is also a producer of this drawn out franchise. That means, if the movie makes money, he can continue to own the team. I don’t want to see the Lightning sold, go see the movie even though the seires should have ended after the 4th movie. Some might say 3rd, others, 2nd, but the 4th movie had Donnie Whalberg back again, so I say 4th.

Walter the Farting Dog

WHAT THE FUCK?! Starring the Jonas Brothers SERIOUSLY?! I think that about sums up what I thought when I found out about this Disney gem. I’m only assuming it’s Disney, because don’t they like own the Jonas Brothers or something? I don’t know, but it’ll make millions. Which is beyond my comprehension. Or maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s the people who signed off on this idea who have lost the will to form a complete thought.

I would suggest finding out when Walter the Farting Dog comes out too. That way you can avoid going to the movies that day, thus avoiding one of many out comes: suicide, the shrill screams of tweens, mass murder of said tweens, your own death heaven forbid the movie shouldn’t start on time, a stampede of wildebeests, Romulans attacking, or any other oturageous outcomes that could occur.

Where is my mind?

The year and decade are coming to an end I'm thinking of those fun lists to tell you favorites and such. Obviously this year is going to be a little different, I'll have my year end list, but I'm considering taking the time out to really sit down and think about the enitre decade. Not sure I will get it done but it's an idea.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ain't No Body Gonna Hold Me Down...

Ain't no body gonna breaka my stride. I need to keep this in mind since I am in so much pain right now. And it's not even pain really, it's how sore I am from practicing. I've never been this sore. I came home from class today and I felt the pain in my ribs. No matter how hard it is for me to get up and sit down, I'm not going to give this up. I am really determined to get past the pain and do well in practice. I'm going to buy my own skates this afternoon. Not me per say, but my mom is giving me an early Christmas present and buying the skates for me. At least now I will be able to go outside and practice on my own.

I sucked so bad at practice last night. I was still unbelievably sore from the first night of practice, which can I say, for as out of shape as I am, I practiced for the whole two hours. I was really surprised, but proud. Last night though, not as great of a feeling. I took eight Advil in between Monday night and last night, still sore as hell. We started doing our falls, and I had the hardest time getting back up from them. The minute I went down, my legs were like "fuck you bitch, we like it down here! And we's gonna stay down here and make you look like a rah tard." But I pushed through it. At least the vets are understanding about the whole thing. I'll get better too. I need to work on my quads, so going to the gym for a bit might work. Start getting back into lifting weights to build up the muscle. I need to do something though, I will not let this get me down.

On a more happy note, tonight I am going to see Tim Gunn in Tampa. He is speaking at USF and part of my writing class that I am taking, we have to cover school events (for any of the schools in the area, since SPC doesn't really offer much in the events calendar) and this is one of our options. Figured it would be fun to get to see him speak, but the one thing we are all trying to figure out is what he is going to be talking about? I don't know, but once we are there, and I get my story written (which is due by midnight) I'll probably post it on here too.

Now despite how lame this post is, I bring you this little gem that made me giggle.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh Hai!

This is awkward. Been how long since I have been on here? Wow, that long! Huh, sorry. I've gotten kind of caught up this new thing. Tumblr. What's Tumblr? I'm not 100% on what exactly it is, but when I try to explain it, I say it's like Twitter, but without the 140 character limit and you can post anything. It's kind of fun and you end up finding some pretty neat and interesting people! And because of Tumblr I've started another website!

It's a little different from any site I've made before. In the past I've been more inclined to do something personal, me opening up, is not that hard. I like talking, as long as the talk is interesting.

But no, I didn't not make one of those sites. No, instead I created more of a fan site. What is this magical site I speak of? Did you see the movie Inglourious Basterds? [See I ask this any time someone tries to figure out what I am doing. I usually get a "No." or a "No, but I really wanted to! I heard it was ________.] But if you did see the movie, then you obviously know who the Bear Jew is. And if you have heard of the Bear Jew, then you should have heard about the site I made. Bear Jew Facts.

It's kinda like Chuck Norris facts, but way better. The Bear Jew did an amazing thing, but I won't spoil it for you. And because of this, Bear Jew Facts are a hundred times more interesting and funny. Just saying. Now, was I inspired by Chuck Norris facts? Hell no. Ever heard of Zachary Quinto? Well if you haven't, what the hell! The man is a GQMF and deserves to be known! Sorry, nerd tangent there. Back to the point. Zachary Quinto. Well, that lovely site, Tumblr, has awesome sites all over it and one of the awesomest sites you could find would have to be Zach Facts. And that good people of the internet is where I found inspiration for Bear Jew facts.

And that has become pretty successful! I have to admit, really proud of it. Not to mention, we have expanded too. After about month, a new friend of mine, Ingrid from Australia asked if we could make a twitter and since then she has helped the site expand not only to twitter, but to a mysapce and facebook page too! And recently, we both started the Eli Roth Network. It is a work in progress (along with other projects) but we are doing well! It's keeping me busy, giving me something to do outside of just work and school. Not to mention, I've been able to meet more people who share the same appreciation for Eli Roth! Been a fan of his for a while, since I was about 15 or 16, but since then, I haven't really been able to talk about him, no one knew who he was, or if they did, they didn't want to talk. Lame. But now, it's fun! I get to talk about him, his movies, or horror movies in general! Kind of exciting stuff.

Outside of the internet (because life, yes, that rarity, I do try to have one sometimes) I have been doing the general, going to work and heading to class. Hockey season has started, and despite how excited I was, I have only been to one game so far this season. The lack of money coming from only working two days a week, and the Lightning not offering the $20 student tickets any more has put a damper on my hockey festivities. My mom said, the best seats are always at home any way. I told she needs to come to a game before she can say that. Best seat is in the arena. Sometimes, haha, depends on the fans, but despite how insane some Lightning fans are or how rude the opposing team act, I do enjoy being at the Forum with friends watching the game. This season is going to have be a pick and choose season though, can't just go to all the games I can. I'm on budget now.

Something new I am venturing on happens to be something I've been wanting to do since the summer before last, but never acted on it. Lazy? Probably. If I had done it then, I would have more money and wouldn't have to take loan from my Aunt, but that is the past and if one thing pisses me off the most, it has to be wondering "what if" so lets just look at it from this point. Monday night was the recruitment night for the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins! They are the league in the Tampa area for flat track ROLLER DERBY! I saw them at the Red Bull Flugtag when Tampa hosted it and wanted to join. It only took me a year to hop in my car, drive over the bridge and go to a recruitment night. And I'm glad I did, because this should be a lot of fun! Practices start Monday and I'm going to by equipment today after class.

Along with learning to play derby, I need to figure out what my alter ego is going to be. I'm really leaning towards the Wizard of Oz theme, so I have a few ideas that go along with that, but I have other ideas on that list of potential names. You will have to tell me which one(s) you like.
  • Dorothy Wails [but there is a good chance I won’t be able to use it because it sounds to close to a name that is already taken and no one really seems to like it]
  • The HarleyQuinn Kid [because Harley Quinn is my favorite villain from Batman, but since I’m not her, I could be the kid]
  • Dismemberin Dorothy OR
  • Dorothy Dismemberin [I know they are the same, but one may sound better then the other AND I get my real name in there too]
  • Death Proof Butterfly [One of the girls on _bb came up with this and I love Death Proof] OR
  • Death Proof Dorothy [One of the girls on tumblr came up with this combo and I'm kinda liking it!]
  • Null’n Void [Good friend of mine, Will, thought this one up for me and it works since my last name is Null]
And that good people is all I have to say for now. I know it has been a while, and for me to say I'm going to try and come on here and write more is an empty promise. If I write, I write, because I need to do it more. Till the next time, I of course leave you with this:

Despite my lack of going to games, I still love hockey. Don't question my commitment to sparkle motion.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Remember that project?

I went to class last Tuesday and of course had fun! Strange topics were thrown around but fun none the less. And though we have a class of eleven people, we ran out of time, and I didn't get to present my song. Now, even though it was a great idea for a song, after I left class, I figured I should take the project a bit more serious. And because of that, I need to find a new song. What to pick?

And on that note, I would like to leave you with something I found on my tumblr.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time of My Life?

I started school last week! So lets hope that strikes some creativity in me to write more. I've already finished my first "project" and the only reason why I put that in quotes is because sure it can be considered a project, but I don't consider it a project. Whatever you call it, it was interesting.

Our teacher asked us to either find a song that involves an ethical issue we support or choose the song you want played at you funeral. I ended up picking one for both, but decided on the funeral song because of my approach.

I had some trouble at first, trying to figure out which route to take on this project. On one hand, I could pick a serious song or I could choose one that made light of the situation. I even had two songs picked out depending on the mood I was in when I finally sat down to write this. I had originally decided to pick a song that discussed an issue that everyone was familiar with, some even directly effected by. But I decided against it because the only way I had been effected was what I heard about in the news. So I took the alternate route, which also turned out to be the humors approach.

I’m generally a happy person and I would like to be remembered as such. Even though a sad or melancholy song might be the more accepted choice at a funeral, being the kind of person that I am, it’s my choice. The last thing I want at my funeral is people to be upset. The time is already going to difficult so why not break it all up with a song that was popular in a movie that came out the year I was born. Before I made this choice, I made sure to ask a couple people how they would feel if they were at my funeral and heard this. Everyone said they would get a huge laugh out of it.

Again it’s very unconventional, but it works. I could say it’s funny, but someone might argue otherwise, but then again, if it’s played at my funeral, I’m not really going to care and honestly they’re going to have to get over it. Things tend to be taken to seriously in the first place, and sure there are moments when the situation needs to be taken as such. But if a laugh can be had in the process or in the darkest situations a little light can be shed, would prefer those over everyone crying and being up in arms.

But what song did I choose...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Promise.

Finally got to see this. Last day at the Beach Theatre too. Really liked it! So many people were saying how great it is and how amazing and real both John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph were as a couple. They were right. Don't blame me for taking so long to see it. I've wanted to since I heard Tuna was making it. Why? Because I have a bit of a crush on the Tuna.

Tried to steal the poster outside the theater, but they are selling them at some point. When, they do not know, but they will be sold. And I need to keep my ears open about when now.

Monday, August 3, 2009

This Isn't A Love Story.

I love this movie now. It is absolutely bitter sweet. And the soundtrack is magical. Haha, well, I take that magical bit back, but it is all I have been listening to lately. I love listening to new music, so this is like a mix that someone did knowing I would dig it. And indeed I do.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Beauties of Florida Weather

Tonight was a pretty cool night over in my area. Well, not that cool, it was actually pretty humid and hot out, not the kind of weather that one would really enjoy being out in. But I had to take my aunts' dogs out for a walk and I got witness some of the coolest effects of a storm. No rain, no thunder really, just LIGHTNING! Now you are probably asking what kind of intelligent person goes out in a lightning storm. Well, first I'm not that intelligent, haha (my brother would agree with that) but let's just say even though I know better, I also figured it wasn't bed enough for me to really worry about getting struck by lightning. And because I decided to be a little stupid I was lucky enough to get some of shots of this very cool weather.

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