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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the year in review...


The year started off with fireworks in the parking lot of Liz’s old apartment with two homo’s, Hannah, and of course Miss. Liz! The year got better as the hockey season continued on. School was a drag, mostly because online classes are not for me. Got a new job as a nanny. Had to take a class over the summer to bring my GPA back up, but I still have to wait to get my scholarship reinstated. Hockey season ended on a low note, as in last place in the league, while Baseball season started with a new name and a new logo. Went to opening day with Liz and continued to enjoy the season with her and who ever else decided to come to the games. Tried to have a good summer. Went to my first Red Sox game in which the they got whopped. Tried to have even a good birthday, but only half of my 21st was worth it. Favorite hockey player was traded on my birthday to a team who the day before I said would be my favorite west coast team. Continued to try to have a good summer. Lost a best friend on my own accord. Realized that the friends I have are worth more to me then anything and are worth keeping around. Hockey season started back up with a new favorite player, who is still only second to Dan Boyle. Took the semester off since I don’t have my scholarship. Went to a play off game. Continued to nanny. Got sucked into the world of Twilight. Went to Minnesota for a white Christmas. Got a new computer. And am hopefully going to have another great New Years Eve.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

why haven't i seen these yet...

Every year I always end up missing a few movies in the theatre, and I usually end up seeing them once they come out on DVD or at least sometime during the next year I'll make sure to see any movies I missed, but this year it comes to me that I missed more movies then I intended. So, here are the 10 movies that I wanted to see but missed.

10. Cloverfield

9. Australia

8. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

7. Choke

6. CJ7

5. Sukiyaki Western Django

4. Son of Rambow

3. Hamlet 2

2. Milk

1. Burn After Reading

Monday, December 29, 2008

oh how i love movies...

I could have had my lists all done with these, but I'm going to file all of them into the movie list blog portion of my 2008 year in review. Well, there are actually four lists, but one can wait till after the new year starts.

Favorite Movies of 2008

10. Sex and the City
Never saw the show, because I never had HBO and even when it was on regular cable I never watched it. But I went with a friend because I knew she really wanted to see it and so I went with her and I ended up really liking it. The entire time when I looked at my friend and would see her crying over something, I kinda laughed, because I had no idea why she was crying.

9. Twilight
I don't even know why I put this one on here. I mean I liked it, but since I've seen it about four times I figured it should be on here. But then I thought about this list and it wasn't last on the list, but I definitely liked it better then Sex and the City. Honestly though, I don't think this would have made it on the list if I hadn't read the books before hand, but that's a hole other story.

8. Wall-E
Nothing better then a movie that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside, yet makes you feel like going on a diet and go to the gym more. That aside, Wall-E was cute. Nothing like previous Disney Pixar movies I've seen, not that I didn't like the others, but this one seemed like it had a great message and story.

7. Pineapple Express
The best thing about this movie is that it reminds me of me and other people I know, well not entirely, since I don't smoke weed, but just the way Rogen and Franco act is almost exactly how most of my friends and I act. And the fact that in the end, these guys down guns like their Scarface and just throw down, but in a way that is believable. Not just these guys are all of a sudden ninjas or gun wielding Mafiosos, but like they actually just do what feels natural enough to throw down.

6. Iron Man
Thank you Robert Downey Jr. for making an awesome come back. This guy has always been cool, and it just makes sense for him to play a bad ass. I'm glad a suitcase full of blow and hookers haven't completely ruined him. Great comeback Robert Downey Jr. you are the man!

5. Wanted
Don't know why I didn't see this one in the theatre, but after watching it, man did I want to be an assassin. And seriously, James McAvoy did a good job from going to introverted, nobody to a bad ass mother fucker. And honestly, they ended the movie on such a awesome fucking note.

4. Tropic Thunder
I have to agree, Tropic Thunder is one of the best comedies in years. Robert Downey Jr. did such an outstanding job with this role and Tom Cruise absolutely stole the movie. There is nothing wrong with this movie, it is absolute hiliarity.

3. Zach and Miri Make A Porno
Now even though, thinking about it, Tropic Thunder was much funnier, but I'm a big fan of Kevin Smith and his style of comedy. Mallrats used to be my favorite Kevin Smith film, but after this one, I might end up switching my list around.

2. The Dark Knight
How amazing was this movie? No that isn't a question, that's a fucking statement! Oh how amazing was this movie! Seriously, this was actually a better remake then the original Batman movie with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Kinda wish they didn't do KO on Maggie Gyllenhaal, but I guess it was needed. But that really is besides the point since Heath Ledger was beyond outstanding at this role. Words can not describe what he did for the Joker. And it breaks my heart to know that they he won't be able to continue with his work.

1. Mamma Mia!
This was hard. I'm sure everyone will disagree with me on this one, but I had to make Mamma Mia my number one favorite for 2008. I don't even know how it happened, but I absolutely loved this movie. When it came out all I wanted to do was go to the theatre and see it over and over again. Only got to see it twice, once on opening night and the other on opening night of sing along version. I'm glad I can still actually really like a chick flick. It seems like I try to stay away from them now, but it's good to know that an actual chick flick can be a great movie that has a chance to great things.

Honorable Mention: Funny Games I wish I could have liked this movie more. It just seemed to slow for my tastes. It had plenty of great scenes, but it took to long to get to them and I think it really slowed down the movie. But then again, I like the fact that it was more of smart horror movie then just gallons of blood and tons of gore. Sure it was violent, but it wasn't like it was pointless, the movie had a great story. If it hadn't have been so slow, it would have definently made the list.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

coming to the end my friend...

I figured I would start doing my blogs which consist of favorites of 2008...

Don't know what they all will consist of, or what the lists will even be, but I've got four days till the New Year, so that is four lists and four blogs to get my 2008 in order or at least parts of it in order. I have a couple ideas of what I want to do, but I figured I would start this thing out with music.

It seems like I bought a lot more music this year, especially with the help of itunes. But most of those are just single songs, so what are the albums that I had to buy and fell in love with? What band amazed me with their new sound or who surprised me from what I've already known?

Honorable Mentions: The All-American Rejects When the World Comes Down, Kevin Rudolf In the City, and Miley Cyrus Breakout. And the only reasons why the Rejects aren't on here is because I have yet finish the whole album and I don't think that would be a fair list.

10. Katy Perry
One of the Boys
Favorite Song: Hot N Cold

The album has grown on me. I liked it the first listen thru, which is important for me, but it didn't seem as amazing as people were making it. But I love this girls voice more every time hear it. Her voice doesn't seem at all fake and honestly she flat out sounds better then most singers out there.

9. Jason Mraz
We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things
Favorite Song: Love for a Child

I bought his first album when it came out in 2002, don't know why I didn't get the second one, but now I have his third album. I feel like I've kinda grown up around his music. Don't know if his first album inspired my teen years, but I feel like this album is different as in it has a more adult sound to it, but it still reminds me of his original album.

8. Fall Out Boy
Folie A Deux
Favorite Song: 20 Dollar Nose Bleeds

This album is still growning on me, which is dissapointing to me personally since Fall Out Boy is my second favorite band of all time. There music shouldn't grow on me, it should be amazing the first listen thru and then continue to surprise me every time I listen to it. But it just seems like this album is so far from where they began that I don't feel like it's the same band. That seems like a lot of egativity thrown at the album, but I still like it.

7. Flight of the Conchords
Flight of the Conchords
Favorite Song: Bowie

Music + Funny + 2 Kiwis = Flight of the Conchords. Fact...Everything they sing about is funny, and if you can't crack a smile even during Business Time you need to learn to lighten up and enjoy life a little bit. Getting to watch these songs performed on their show makes things even funnier. Watch it!

6. Britney Spears
Favorite Song: If U Seek Amy

Don't know how this one made number 6, but it did. But I have to admit, the album is catchy. The only song I skip is the one she sings about her kids, but other then that, the rest of the album is just fun to listen to. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

5. The Hush Sound
Goodbye Blues
Favorite Song: Not Your Concern

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this band. You think I would have heard them earlier being a Fall Out Boy fan, but I just stumbled upon them on an iMix one day and have kinda been hooked since. I know all the words to this album and the previous one, and was ready to sing along to them too when they came to the State Theatre, but because I caught what ever sickness was going around, I only got to see two bands perform before I got to weak to stay and I had to bounce. Still have yet to see them live.

4. Everybody Else
Everybody Else 1 1/2 Acoustic Versions of Songs
Favorite Song: Alone in the World

Another band I stumbled upon and sorta fell in love with since. I got to see these guys in Ybor over the summer and they have a great sound. The way you listen to them on the album is how they sound live, which I have a lot of respect for. This acoustic version of the first album is just a great as the original, some songs even better! An according eve makes an appearance!

3. Safety Suit
Life Let to Live
Favorite Song: Annie

There is nothing really new about their sound, but they have lyrics that definitely make me happy. Their music has a rock feel to it, but also has a great melody, but it's their lyrics you have to really listen too. There is nothing wrong with this album and I can listen to this on repeat all day.

2. 3 OH! 3
Favorite Song: Starstrukk

I heard these guys late one night on the local radio station, even before they were put into mainstream rotation. And I am so glad that I was up that late driving home on a Sunday t get to hear them! They have so many different sounds in this album, even though it doesn't seem like it's two white guys making some of the music it all still goes together.

1. Death Cab for Cutie
Narrow Stairs
Favorite Song: You Can Do Better Than Me

My favorite band of all time, that never fails me when it comes to their music. I never used to believe people when they would say a band changed their lives, but after being introduced to Death Cab, I can whole heartedly say that they have not only changed my life, but also the way I listen to music. I would never really pay much attention to the lyrics in a song, but after listening to them enough and really listening to the lyrics did my eyes really open up to how important their music really was. And even if the lyrics weren't there, the melody could never fail when it came to revealing what you were feeling at that moment in your life.

Next up...Favorite Movies of 2008...

Friday, December 26, 2008

on the new computer...

That I got for Christmas! Yep, new computer, my own computer! One that I don't have to share either! I get to put what ever I want on it, get to play with it whenever I want and I don't have to worry about giving it back to my mom when she asks for it! Yep, my computer, which I think I will call Pillow Pants. Why pillow pants, well that's because I've been wanting to name something that, and now I actually can name something. So this new computer's name will be Pillow Pants. And I finally got it to my liken too! All my stuff from my moms' computer is on here, I just have to worry bout buying or somehow getting a copy of Microsoft Word and possible Photoshop? Actually there is no question about it, I NEED photoshop! I miss is it dearly. So those are two things I definently need to make this computer even more amazingly me.

Today, we all went snowtubing. Can't remember the name of the place (I should probably google it and get back to you) but I did have a lot of fun! Went out for about to hours, all bundled up, trying to stay warm. Not much to really say about snowtubing, except that it was a lot of fun! I mean all you have to do is just sit there and enjoy it all. My brother said next year he would like to try and go snowboarding since the place also had a school and a few slopes to ski and snowboard on. I figured I could go to Bill Jackson's back home since they teach you down there too, they have an indoor ski ramp and I heard it's not that expensive.


And I'm gonna end this one with a video that I didn't get to see on tv because they don't play Lightning games up here in Minnesota...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

kicking your kids crafts ass...

I'm in the Christmas gift mood! Well, only a little, I just finished my friends birthday gift and my brother's fiances Christmas gift, so I just need to start and finish about five more. Oh gosh, Christmas is next week and I honestly need to have them finished by Sunday since I'm leaving for Minnesota on Tuesday. But, no worries, I'll have it all done by then and I'll be ready for the cold ass weather going on up in Minnesota. and honestly, I don't even think cold ass weather even really gives the correct definition of what the weather is like up there! I've been looking at the temperature for the past month and a half and I think the highest I've seen was like 38 and the low was like negative 2! Seriously, I don't even think I can actually comprehend out cold that really is. I'm a full blown Florida girl, I enjoy the fact that I can still hang out at the beach in the middle of December, I like that I can wear my flip flops ALL YEAR, I like the fact that I don't have to pay out the ass for winter clothes either! Ok, I'm just ranting now, but the point is that Minnesota will be unbearably cold to someone like me.

Kathryn's Virginia Tech Picture Frames...
Virginia Tech Gift

Rachel's Lightning Building Blocks...Lightning Blocks...

Bringing back good memories!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh, what the...

Considering how many movies I see, there is usually at least one scene in them that make me say “what the fuck!” or “what the fuck?” or “what the fuck?!” or “OH, WHAT THE FUCK!” Either the scene is amazing and I’m honestly trying to figure out if I really did just see that or the scene is absolute garbage and I’m wondering how the hell that is even possible to do. Some of these scenes, like Amy Smart ripping her own jaw off in Mirrors get me all excited and I say “awh, what the fuck, that’s fucking sweet” but then the rest of the movie I’m just kinda like “really? I just witnessed a woman rip her jaw of and everything around it is just eh!” Those movies won’t make this list. The movies on this list on the other hand are movies that I like and have no problems with at all. Some of them, the entire movie I’m going “what the fuck” but in a good way, while other’s I’m being entertained and all of a sudden…”what the fuck!” PS…Spoilers…

Please Keep All Hands, Feet, and Other Parts of Your Body Inside the Vehicle at All Times…
10. 11:14 I really liked the way this movie was put together, it had a great concept. Plenty of moments where you are being thrown different pieces of information that ultimately lead you to this one event happening at, 11:14, awh shit! During one of the segments though, a group of guys are in a van driving around causing trouble when…well I found the description on Wikipedia because I’m a little to lazy to write it and I kinda forgot a little what led up to the moment, but all I remember is the kid from Flash Forward (some show I used to watch as a kid on the Disney channel) got his dick cut off because he was pissing out a window and the window slammed shut on it!

Teenagers Tim (Stark Sands), Mark (Colin Hanks) and Eddie (Ben Foster) are driving around causing trouble by throwing things out of the windows of Mark's van, including a book they have set on fire. Mark, distracted by Eddie peeing out the van's window, hits and kills Cheri, who was crossing the road. They stop, but flee the scene when Duffy comes toward the van with a gun. As Duffy fires on the retreating van, Tim realizes that the accident also caused the van's window to snap shut, cutting Eddie's penis off. Tim insists that Mark stop, and Tim goes back to find it. Tim is accosted by the paramedics, Leon (Jason Segel) and Kevin (Rick Gomez) at the scene, but manages to escape and get the severed penis back to Eddie.

Don’t Drink the Water…

9. Cabin Fever See people, water is not that great for you! Especially if some hermit is infected with a flesh eating bacteria, you and your friends light him on fire, and he ends up falling the water supply, the same water supply that has a pipe that runs to the cabin you’re renting, the same water you use to drink, take showers in, and brush your teeth! Eli Roth has a sick mind, but he can do no wrong in my book. I read an interview that he wrote Cabin Fever based off his own experience. Obviously what happened to him wasn’t as bad as what happened in this movie, but I’d never seen anything like this before. I didn’t even know that flesh eating bacteria’s existed till I saw this movie. So, getting to watch Jordan Ladd deteriorate in front of my eyes was painful. Poor girl, and poor guy too, who knew Cory’s best friend from Boy Meets World be in a movie where he trying to get some alone time with his crush and ends up having to kill her, getting the flesh eating shit any way, and deals with a kid who can only yell “PANCAKES!” Again I saw Eli Roth is very creative when it comes to how people suffer and die in his movies.

Tylenol is to Headache as Anal is to…

8. Zach and Miri Make A Porno Fill in the blank kids. I remember these from my SAT’s, to bad this one couldn’t be on there, I wonder how many people would get it right. So, have you gotten it yet? Well, the answer is constipation. And if you have it, a little anal can clear it right up. Good for Katie Morgan, bad for Jeff Anderson. PS…totally called it, just didn’t expect to see it happen to Randal.

An Ode to Tarantinos’ Ball’s…

7. Grindhouse Planet Terror Grindhouse is my third favorite movie of all-time! The fact that four of my favorite director’s are involved in one movie makes me squee (not sure if that is a good word or even a word at all). It would have been another topping on ice cream cone if Kevin Smith had been involved too. Any way, the Robert Rodriguez portion of this double feature probably has the most “what the fuck” moments for me in them (not saying Deathproof doesn’t, but to me Deathproof is nothing but those moments, because it amazes me every time I see it, it’s just too fucking good in my eyes) and the one the stood out amongst the go-go dance’s machine gun leg, the guy from Lost having a fascination with cutting guy’s balls off, and even that whole puss break shit, was Tarantino, a total bad ass, having his balls fall off. And they don’t even just fall off, no they like puss up, burst, ooze, drip, ultimately turning the man himself into this walking, talking blistery looking thing that ends up turning his ass inside out and puking it out onto the floor. I can I hear a “what the fuck!”

No Longer A Man of God…

6. Dead Alive Well that would be because he is no longer a man at all. Peter Jackson created this gem. Yes, the same Peter Jackson who brought us the Lord of the Rings, the Return of the Kings 20 some odd endings, and the King Kong remake the tried to make Jack Black somewhat serious. Possibly one of the best zombies I’ve seen, this movie oozes with moment’s that really do make you say “what the fuck.” And it’s funny too, cheezy in it’s on way, but still really funny. But the one scene I can’t get out of head after seeing it was the priest having sex with one of the other zombies. Don’t worry though, the priest was already a zombie at this point, but still it was disturbing to watch, funny, but disturbing.

One Word…Kakihara…

5. Ichi the Killer It was hard for me to watch this movie, first I watched it with subtitles on, but found it hard to read everything that was going, keep up with the story, and still get to see all these bad ass ways people were being killed. So then I went against my better judgment and put on the dubbed version, where is sounded like Kakihara was being voiced by Clive Owen, which was cool, because I like Clive Owen, but I still liked it (even though I knew what I was being told wasn’t exactly what was being said if I could understand Japanese). Any way, Kakihara is bad ass, and he has such a presence when he is on screen I was always kept wondering “what the fuck is man going to next?” He’s insane and he’s not even the main character. I don’t even knowhow to explain this, but if you look at a picture of him, you see these scars on the sides of his mouth, well, there not just scars, no if he takes out the pins holding the scars his mouth looks like an anacondas ready swallow a person. Not just the way he looks, but some of the shit he gets into and does is out there. I really need to watch this movie again.

The Amount of Penis in this Movie and a dictionary example of what karma is…

4. Cannibal Holocaust I thought this would be higher up on my list, but then I had to really look at the other movie’s and realized that compared to the scenes I plan to talk about, I’d say this isn’t as bad as it seems. So to the first part, the penis, there is a lot of it in this movie. Don’t get penis shots like this now, so ladies take it in. Only reason why I mention it though is because of the circumstances it is seen. Not like Jason Segel’s penis in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, no like dude is gonna get his penis cut off and then the rest of him his going to be ripped a part and eating because he was some dumb ass American douche bag. Which leads me to the next part, how sweet karma really is. The first half of this movie, we have a group of people trying to locate what happened to the crew of documentarians’ that have gone missing. When you find out what happened to them, your kinda thinking it’s awful, but then the second half the movie, your watching the film that was found, and you find out that these people got what they deserved! The what the fuck moment comes around during the second half, actually no, everything you watch in the second half is basically a big “what the fuck!”

Uncomfortable Maybe…

3. Re-Animator I couldn’t really think of anything to name this one, I was gonna go for “sexual favors from a head” but then thought it’s not really sexual favors, more like some guys sick fantasy and it just being he sicker because he is using his head to do it. Note that the guys head has been separated from it’s body, so it’s just the head doing this shit.

This Shit Ain’t TiVo…

2. Funny Games Ok, I literally yelled “WHAT THE FUCK!?!” in the theatre when I saw this movie. One minute one of the kids who is torturing this family actually gets what’s coming to him. Way to go Naomi Watts, that what I’m talking bout, finally, vendica…wait…what the hell just happened? Oh yeah, apparently the other mother fucker doing this shit can rewind what just happened. So yeah, the kid never get’s shot. Seriously? Seriously! Oh I was pissed, but I still liked the movie.

Ass to Ass and the Arm…

1. Requiem for a Dream I was mad at my self after watching this movie to have waited so long to watch it. I could really get into how amazing the film was and why, but I won’t, because if you have seen it, you know just how great it is, and the word “great” doesn’t even cover it! But it seems like every time I talk about this movie, I always start it off with “Jennifer Connelly went ass to ass!”, then I go into what happened to Jared Leto’s arm, and then that’s when I can actually get into discussing the rise and fall of the characters and how amazing the movie was. Even the arm and the whole ass to ass thing can’t define this movie, but they definitely are scenes that make your jaw drop and wonder.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving thanks to the movies that corrupted me...

I figured I could explain my list for the Horror Movies That Made Me…I totally got the idea from arrow in the head, but it’s a good list to me at least. Most are fairly recent, but come on, it has taken me a while to throw my self into movies like I have, I’m only 21 and have honestly only been so invested since I was maybe 14 or 15. I’m working on a list right now of horror movies that I want to see because of how much praise I’ve heard about them and I’m pretty excited for the list! So you might not think my list is that great, but these are the horror movies that got me all wide eyed and excited, and because of them I am happy to call myself a horror movie fan! Because no movie tickles me the way a good horror movie does (well some do, but horror movies are love). I have no order to this list, since it’s probably one of the hardest things for me to do is put movies in order, because what exactly am I judging them on, if they are my favorite what am I really basing the order off of? I have yet to figure that shi out, but when I do, I might change to order of the list…

House on Haunted Hill
It was the first DVD I ever bought, even before I owned a DVD player. Stupid? Maybe, but I think I convinced my mom to let us rent it, and I watched it with my parents and was thrown into what I was seeing. I saw it at Best Buy, I think, and just decided to buy it. Sure people questioned me for the purchase, but screw them, because when I finally did have a DVD player I watched none stop until I bought a couple more movies. Don’t remember what they were though.

The Last House on the Left
I saw the Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments and decided I needed to watch everything on the list. My mom hadn’t gotten NetFlix yet, so I had to rely on Blockbuster to have the movie, and surprise, surprise, I actually found this one! So one day during Spring Break I popped this puppy in while I was alone one day and watched. And when I was done, I realized why my parents always wanted to know where I was, and who I was with. And why they wouldn’t let me go out with a certain person, because honestly I hung out with a couple people who would end doing what these two girls did, and I would be stuck in this situation. I think about some of the stupid shit I did, and how it was the other people I hung out with that were pushing me to do the stupid shit and all of it couldn’t lead to what happened in this movie. Let’s just say I’m a lot more open to telling my friends to “fuck off” when they go to do some stupid shit.

Cannibal Holocaust
When people find out that I love horror movies, the always ask, “Well, what’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?” And every time, I didn’t really know what to say, because I’ve seen scary movies, but nothing that shocked me or really got me to the point where I was honestly scared to move out of my seat. Until I saw this! Holy hell! I’ve heard so many things about this movie and for the longest time it was on my list of movies to see and I am so happy I bought it when I found it. I was at MovieStop and honestly almost peed myself after picking it up, I was so excited to finally have found it! I’ve never seen anything like it before, and was completely shocked and caught off guard when I watched it. I am honestly a prouder horror fan now after seeing this, and if you haven’t yet, get up on it!

The Thing
This was the movie I found out Kurt Russell was a bad ass. I was probably 12 or 13 when I saw this, but oddly enough my mom was the one who had me watch it. I remember being in Blockbuster and she found me over the horror section, which I usually hung out in to look at the boxes and read about the movies I knew I wasn’t aloud to watch. She picked this up and said it was scary and that she would get it for me if I wanted to watch it. Ummm, duh! My mom always used to joke about the guy who’s head turned into that spider looking thing, had no idea what she was talking about, but know when I see him I laugh. My mom is not one for horror movies, so it was a surprise when we watched this. Not even a week ago I wanted to watch it again, so I put it in, and she actually fast-forwarded thru the dog scene! Seriously, you had me watch this when I was how old, and you can’t watch it now? I’ve been trying to convince my nephew to watch it now too. He’s not as excited as I was at that age.

The one thing I remember about this movie was that it was the first horror movie my parents didn’t want me to watch and my brother convinced them to let me watch it any way. I was maybe 10 or 11 and I think the entire movie I tried not to look interested, but was hooked. I think my moms reasoning, was that I wasn’t old enough and I would have nightmares. HA! I watch the movie, and I still like it, but honestly, it’s not even that scary, but then I again I went the longest time not seeing the alien autopsy scene in Independence Day because I got sent out of the room when it came on.

Alien and Aliens
Another movie my mom introduced me to. For a mom who was overprotected of not letting me even watch the Nightmare Before Christmas when it came out, she sure did let me watch a lot of other scarier shit. Any way, so we watched the first one together, and I think it was 12 or 13 birthday party where I got to watch the second one. I was having a sleepover and she let pick out two or three movies to watch that night and I picked up these two.

Return of the Living Dead
I just watched this movie again for Halloween and it’s not even that great of a zombie movie! It’s more funny then anything, but you really don’t get to see much ripping and eating. Sure it happens a couple times, but not like other zombie movies that I’ve seen. I’m not saying it’s bad though, I still like to watch it. But I remember when I first saw it I was scared out of my wits. I saw it was probably to little to be watching a movie like that, but I was in my brother’s room watching tv while he was out one night and came across this. I knew I would get in trouble for watching it so the entire time I was on the edge of his bed switching between channels incase someone decided to come in and check on me. Thankfully the Cartoon Network was one channel over so I was convincing.

Silence of the Lambs
Again, another movie my parents didn’t want me to watch. But I remember in middle school everyone was talking about it because either Red Dragon or Hannibal was coming out that year and so my friends were telling me about the movie and after hearing that I HAD to see it! Of course thinking back to it, I’m pretty positive that half the people who talked about it never actually saw the movie. But I on the other hand did end up seeing it. My brother rented it one day and when I came home I put it in and watched it. My parents weren’t home yet, but the entire time I didn’t move from the arm of the couch so I could turn it off and take it out incase someone got home. And the shitty part about it was that for me to watch the hole thing I fast forwarded thru it and only stopped it when I saw something that caught my eye and even when I did play it my hands covered my eyes incase it was to scary. No worries though, I watched again a few years later and got actually enjoy the movie.

The Exorcist
Most of these movies were ones that I wasn’t allowed to watch as a kid, but then again maybe that’s why there on this list. But with this one I remember trying so hard to convince my mom to let me watch it. It took so long to let her do it too. But she finally caved in a let me watch it, with her right next to me though. I remember the crucifix scene and looking between the TV and her the entire time it was going on. She said something about this being one of the reasons why she didn’t want me watching it, but I was way to freaked out to even care. It was funny though after the movie I remember trying to convince my mom that she was right and that I would probably never watch the movie again. Ha! I’ve totally seen it like ten more times after that.

Nightmare on Elm Street and Nightmare on Elm Street 3
With this one I actually saw part of the third movie before I saw this one. I was honestly, maybe 5 or 6 and we went to this movie store down the street from our house that we would always go to and they were playing the third movie on the TV’s in the store. Well I just stood there and watched Patricia Arquette get eaten by this giant worm thing. My eyes were glued to the TV. Finally my mom realized what I was watching a yelled at the clerk at the desk and they turned it off. Then I think when I was 12 or 14 I got my mom to rent the original and I watched that with my friend one night. Funny thing is, is that my friend who I was watching it with said that she had seen it before, but during the whole movie she was as scared as I was. I swear if the people I hung out with didn’t lie about seeing all these scary movies, I might not have turned out the way I did, and I wouldn’t want to watch them as badly.

But thanks to all those liars and a big thanks to my mom! If it weren’t for you all, my mind wouldn’t be as corrupt as it is now and I wouldn’t love watching these movies!

Oh and here's a fun fact...I won't eat fish after seeing the movie Airplane!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

far and few in between...

That is how this blog is looking. But then again you should see my journal that I was going to write in everyday...I am still writing an entry that I started I think on Tuesday and have yet to gully finish what I was writing. Even on Friday, I felt the need to write and didn't have it with me so I wrote my entry on a piece of paper and plan to rewrite it in my actual journal! Yeah, go me!

Tonight I was supposed to go see Jimmy Fallon because he is at the Tampa Improv, but unfortunately I am unable to because I haven't got the money. I thought my pay check would have been a little more then it actually was, but I was wrong. This week I actually made a budget, so I knew what I was spending and where I would spend it, and by the time I was done, I had no money left over to go see him. I'm a little disappointed, but hey it's either go to the hockey game on Tuesday or go to the Improv. I pick hockey! Speaking of hockey, our coach was fired on Friday! Yep, Barry Melrose, a man who has only coached 16 games, who has been out of the coaching game for 13 years was let go from the staff. Sure, the Lightning have had a slow start, but I mean seriously, give the man break, you can't actually determine if he should be sacked or not after 16 games! Uh, being a Lightning fan right now is tough stuff, I actually don't think hockey fans have a long life expectancy. You might laugh, but seriously, with everything that goes on, we as fans must add more stress on us then we should be. I'm sure its true for any sports fan, but I think insurance companies should seriously consider asking people if they are a sports fan when getting health insurance.

So last night, I finished reading Twilight. My mom has been trying to get me to read those books for a while now, and for some reason, last week I decided to actually read it. But did she have the book when I went to go pick it up? NO! She let someone borrow it! I mean seriously, after all this time, I can't read it now, because she lets someone she works with take it home and read it! So, I waited a couple days and finally decided to go to WalMart and buy it. Picked it up for like seven bucks! So each day I read it for couple hours and finished it last night! I'm not much for books, I am definitely more of a movie person and if a movie is based off a book I would honestly rather not read it before seeing the movie. Every time, and I mean EVERY TIME, someone reads the book before the movie they end up not liking the movie because the leave out certain things, or the actor they got didn't meet what they had imagined, and I have more respect for movies to walk out of perfectly good movie and feel disappointed. But, maybe after reading Twilight and then seeing it I can still walk out of the movie happy with it, as long as the movie was done well too. Who knows, maybe the movie will be crap any way, and I won't like it, not for how much I enjoyed the book, but because the movie was just bad! I'm not betting against it though.

My mom said the only reason I even read the book was because I knew the movie was coming out. Hahahaha! Seriously, I knew about the movie being out for how many months now? And I never once had the urge to pick that book up! Even when the fourth book came out and I had people telling 'Oh Erin, go read it, it's such a great book' did I ever want to actually read it. Like I said, I've never been one for reading. Even though my mom is reading teacher. (Don't think to hard on that one, my mom can't even understand that one.) Nope, nothing would get me to read this book, but then last weekend, for whatever reason I just decided I would read it. Maybe it was boredom, or maybe the trailers I've been watching are sending out subliminal messages to those who have not yet read the book. No matter the reason, I read it. And I liked it. So there you go Twilight fans, you WIN!

I'm gonna start reading the second book today and I almost positive that I will have that one read before Thursday. Maybe not though, there's a hockey game Tuesday and then Hockey and Heels Thursday. Eh, it'll get read before then. But I told my mom I would go see the movie with her on Friday, which she didn't believe when I told her. Pretty sure she thinks I'm gonna go see it with her now since I read the book. Maybe that was the reason. Maybe it was I wanted to make my mom proud.

Or it might have been because of that boy up there on the left! Haha!

And now for something a lot more fucking interesting!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McCain Supporters Make Me Laugh...

Note: It's not all McCain supporters, but the majority of you are just talking bananas!

You really do, because of how ridiculous you all really are. Sure, I would be just as upset if Obama had lost, but I wouldn't be angry and I wouldn't cry! And I sure as hell wouldn't cry out that I am moving out of Amercia! Seriously! Stop being morons.

I just watched McCain speak and if he can respect Obama then you sure as hell can too. You hung on every word McCain spoke, why don't you continue to listen to what he has to say and get over the fact that he lost.

And if after McCain's speech and Obama's speech after winning the presidency, you can't believe that the next four years will be better then the last eight, then I honestly hope you do leave. Because you have obviously forgotten what it means to be an American.

I'm done now...

Obama's Victory Speech...

McCain's Concession Speech...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

its nothing for you to worry bout...

From last sunday to last thursday my internet was jacked, mainly because Verizon screwed up the modem and we needed a new one. My mom called them Sunday, the person she talked to had her go through all these different steps to get it working but nothing worked and he said "it was a miracle we had even been able to get on the internet because of something Verizon did the last time the internet went out and that all we needed to do was call back Monday morning explain to them what we already did to get the internet working again and have them send out a new modem." Yeah, not as easy as you would think, since it took me 3 phone calls and close to 2 hours to get the modem sent to us! Then when we finally got the modem, we still had problems. We'll at least I did. I was using the Dell that my mom got from work and now it can't connect to our internet at home, but it can connect to other wireless internet services. It sucks and we have no idea why it won't work at home. i was thinking tonight how badly I need my own computer.

This weekend has been eventful. Friday night I went to the Rays game with Liz, Cody, and Hannah. ALCS game against Boston! It was fun, but the game was slow and seemed like neither team was really playing well, but Boston won with two runs and we got out I'd say around 12:30ish? Can't remember, but I did finally go to bed at 2:40! Last nights game was a whole lot more fun, but I didn't get to go to that game because the Lightning home opener was the same night. can I just say how happy I am that hockey is FINALLY back! More fun stories to make with Sticks'N'Chicks, getting to see my hockey friends, and just getting to be at the games makes this time of the year even more great! I already love the month of October and the beginning of hockey season is just another reason to love this month!

Let's recap though...Lightning went into overtime and sadly lost to the Hurricanes 4 to 3 making them 0 and 3 right now. The Rays on the other hand went into extra innings and beat Boston tying the series 1-1!

And after this weekend, the fact that I am still up is unbelievable, since I haven't gone to bed till 2:30 or 2:40 the past few days. And even right now, I am exhausted, just staying up to upload pictures from the game.

Now to things that happened, but nothing that I did, just found.

Found this on the MySpace blog of Dane Cook:
I'm an optimistic pessimist. I'm pretty sure things are going to go horribly wrong.

I'm a procrastinator with a photographic memory. I can see what I'm supposed to be doing clearly.

A suicide note written by someone who is not suicidal is called an autobiography.

Finally, after years of research I can describe perfectly all of the people who hate me for whatever reason in one word. Balding.

The screensaver pipes is far more entertaining than The Hills.

In every fountain there is a shimmering coin at the bottom tossed there with a meaningful wish and a person standing at a parking meter muttering, "fuck."

Racists are young and sexy. Bigots are old and ugly.
(racist = dolphin / bigot = platypus)

Every group of friends needs a racist to say what they're really thinking.

I've been a nobody and I've been a somebody. Somebody pays better.

Whoever came up with the concept for the copyright must have been nervous someone would steal their idea.

The word "word" backwards is drow. And according to my source material (*) "Drow are, on the whole, sadistic, arrogant, cruel, destructive, hedonistic, and treacherous. Their eternal game of advancement at the expense of others, which is encouraged by the spider goddess herself, has transformed the dark elves into a race of scheming backstabbers eager to increase their own stations by pulling down those ahead of them and crushing their inferiors underfoot."
Sooooo -- My point isssss .... I'm just sayin'.

(* Drow Campaign and Resource Center)

And then this, probably one of the funniest sketches that has been done on SNL...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

the newest trend...

Not really, but I have found a new site that I have been on everyday since I joined! Polyvore, is a nifty site that allows any one with an eye for fashion can create a collage of high fashion or a simple outfit that a girl might love! It's addicting, but fun! I've already made about 12 sets and definitely not finished with it yet. I usually find a site I really like, go on it for about month, sometimes a week, and I'm over it already, but I'm pretty sure I will be going on this site for more then my usual web site stint.

This is one of my latest sets that i created yesterday! I'll probably end up making more tonight, depending on what else I got going on.

I've been meaning to clean my room because it is an absolute mess, but I also bought new scrapbooking supplies today so I;m kinda wanting to play with that stuff too! Choices, choices, choices! So little to do and so much time to do it! Wait, no, scratch that, reverse it.

Tomorrow is Ice Fest at the Forum. I was gonna go to the last Ray's game instead, but tickets are now sold out and since that is no longer an option I'm gonna go ahead and go to Ice Fest. Might be lame, might not, but at least I'll be hanging out with friends and that is always fun!

I've FINALLY registered to vote! Put the form in the mail this morning so I will be able to vote in this year's election!

Next week the fall tv season begins! That means, hopefully, a full season of my favorite shows! Can't wait.

And with the Office coming back this week, I have found this...I saw part of it on Adult Swim the other night I kinda freaked when I noticed it was Rainn Wilson and I had to find it...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So today while I was taking out the garbage I looked over into my neighbors backyard and I saw chickens! Yeah like 5 chickens hiding under the grill in the backyard of my neighbors! Seriously, I knew Pinellas Park was crazy and all pimped out by rednecks, but this? We live in the suburbs of a city that has like 2 farms, and not even big ones, just a few that have horses on them. Ha, their nuts over there!

Last weekend I went to Urban Outfitter's with Hannah and bought a couple books that I have been wanting. Well one that I have been wanting and another I saw and thought would be fun to have! There not so much books to actually read, but more so for entertainment! The first one is the New American Bartender's Handbook which I wanted so I could add to my alcoholism! Not really, but I thought it would be a nice addition to the cookbooks we have in our kitchen or to my kitchen once I get my own. Seems like a pretty nice book, it has recipies, tips, background on how my favorite alcohol like rum and tequila is made, oh and what a home bar should be stocked up with! Haven't gotten to make any of the recipes in the book yet, I have liquor, but not enough to try anything new really, but that'll change. Especially since I have started a new goal on my 43 things to try 43 new drinks or shots, I might get to finish this goal quickly! I don't plan on adding any drinks I have had before I made this goal so I can actually try some new shit and find out what my signature drink or shot will be!

The other book I picked was 101 Things to Do Before You're Old and Boring! Picked it up, flipped through it, and figured what the hell, this should help me pick new goals to try and add to my 43 things. But not only is it a good book for 43 things, but for here too. Figure I'll have something to write about in here by using this book.

I saw a few other books that I want to get. One that I picked up but put back down because I found the 101 things book. The Stuff White People Like. I saw the guy who created the book the other night on Conan and cracked up a bit, then I saw the book I almost bought it, so maybe next time I get over there or I hit the bookstore I could pick it up. Next time I get paid, since I am basically broke at this time!

The other few books I want to get somewhat soon are Lemon Poppy Seed; a nifty, expensive book on young graphic designers and their work. Choke; it's by the same guy who wrote Fight Club and it's a new movie that's coming out with Sam Rockwell in it. Don't know why I want it, but I am intrigued by the movie, but kinda feel like I would rather read the book, so that one is on my list too. The other one I saw was a kinda cookbook but all about Sweets! Couldn't find it on the Urban Outfitter's website, but I've seen it at the store and I want it! My mom should love it since she is a diabetic, HA! But if I ever throw a party or feel like playing Martha Stewart one holiday to give my friends and loved ones without diabetic concerns, fun, sweet treats then I could! That's a lot to just say I want to bake, but could it a convincing way to get the book?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

watching a porno...

trailer for the new movie by kevin smith...Zach and Miri Make a Porno which comes October 31st looks fucking hilarious...can't wait...i love halloween but unfortunately i will not be going trick or treating this year because i will be in the theatre watching this movie...unless i get out early and find my self begging people to give candy to a 21 year old...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oh can't wait...

it's not so much that i am a star trek fan...but more so i want to see the new star trek movie for the fact that simon pegg is going to be playing scotty...yeah...the man simon pegg!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

don't know if...

this movie is going to ruin my babysitting gig...or if i will be getting more babysitting opportunities...

Monday, August 4, 2008

you know you look like...

hhhmmmm...i don't know if i agree with all these...but im not complaining...the only thing that sucks is that i had to use a picture of me back from high school...i didn't wear my glasses to much back then and it was the only picture i liked that didn't give me a bunch of guys wearing glasses...yeah i was using recent pictures where i am wearing my glasses and i kept getting the same people...and WHY...all because they have glasses on too...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

this trailer makes...

the first punisher look like the care bears movie...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

so it is written...

im an idiot...i got all excited that the lightning would be playing the san jose sharks this year that instead of looking at the whole schedule i just looked and saw they were playing them in san jose on january 13th...but today i decided i would actually "look" at the schedule...and what do my eye wander upon...the sharks will be in tampa OCTOBER 25th! so instead of trying to save money for a trip to go to san jose...i will be doing something better...

1. I will get amazing seats for this game! Tickets aren't on sale yet, but I would give it by August and I will have even just one ticket. But, I need to decide where this ticket will be, do I sit on the home side or do I sit behind the bench of the visitors side? Or do I find a way to sit in the famous Ice Box so I can sit between both teams? It's a tough decision.

2. I will have my Lightning jersey by September 1st! No ifs, ands, or buts about it, I will have ordered it by then, that gives me plenty of time to have it delivered and ready for the season. This will be the easiest decision to make too. Even though he is not on the team any more, I still want my first jersey to be for number 22, Dan Boyle! There is only one number 22 and unfortunately he is in San Jose, but I will always rep number 22!

so here is my reward for doing this, if i buy the jersey I will pay top dollar for the best seat I can get...if I don't get the jersey I will sit in the nose bleed section because I wouldn't deserve to if I can't get a simple jersey...the sooner i buy it the more money i will be able to save for the ticket...that's the deal i am making with myself...and i have till october 25th to get it all done!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

red band and horror movies...

the newest fad in displaying an upcoming movie is the red band trailer...first saw it in knocked up...then the pineapple express...and now the new movie mirrors which is brought to us by the same director of "the hills have eyes"...if they start doing this for all movies that happen to be rated r then it is gonna become annoying...they should only do it for movies that are GOOD! plan and simple i know pineapple express and mirros will be good...why...because they are from directors who have yet to dissapoint me...so seeing these red band trailers only make me want to see the movie more...but if i start seeing a red band trailer for the next saw movie or another stupid american pie rip off ill be one very irritated little miss...

...the pineapple express...

...tropic thunder...

ps...and you know what i just realized...where they got the term "red band" and "green band"...don't hate...


and even though this isn't a red band trailer i wanted to post it any way because the midnight meat train looks like it should be good...and the british guy playing the butcher is a fucking bad ass so ill be seeing this one...

...the midnight meat train...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

how do you confuse 28 days with 28 days later...

i miss the office...so i decided to watch the third season tonight...

the beginning of this video with micheal dancing along to the music really made me laugh when i watched this last night...

awh...any one else agree on how great it is for pam and jim to finally be together...

oh and i also miss grey's anatomy...but since i let a friend borrow those dvds i can't get my fix of that...so i watch youtube...

so i watch youtube...

i miss the old days of izzy and denny...i mean people liked izzy then...

if only izzy wasn't so annoying now...i was all for team gizzy but im over it now...im not even for george and callie (because we all know that's not gonna happen after all this)...so now im team bailey...WHY? because the woman doesn't mess around with anyone she works with...

im done now...


the other day a friend of mine and i decided to head to our favorite porn shop "sshhh don't tell momma" to browse the large selection of erotica...the first time we went there i checked out there pretty wide selection of viberators...and hot damn those suckers are expensive...and they get pretty damn techinical too...i had found one that had a microphone and a USB port on it which i thought was weird...since then i have told a few people about that strange find and you know when i talk about it some people kinda didn't believe me...well i made sure this next time i got to check this place out that i would take a picture of this thing to show people that this vibe actually exsists... but since you can't take pictures in the store i just found the name of it and googled that shit...yeah so i found this...the damn thing costs $150...yeah $150 so you can listen to songs from your vibrator while your playing dj...or so you can record that fun solo session...we started talking about how you record something dirty and then have your mom chime in the middle of it...haha...that would be creepy...

any way...we bought a porn...yep..we did...a fucking porn worth $42...yep...kinda weird to watch some of it...let me just say this...the whole choking thing while giving a blow job is not a turn on...yeah definently kind of nasty to watch some girl throw up loads of spit and saliva...i mean the guy got up and the couch had a giant spot of water from where the girl had spit up...uh...its nasty...how can people really enjoy doing that or even watching it! so yeah...didn't really enjoy watching my first porn...

that is really all...i mean nothing much else to discuss...oh yeah the porn was called babysitters...yeah...never again...

this has nothing to do with the porn i watched...but i will probably watch this again...rather then that porn again...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

good intentions...

the car needs to be cleaned today and i really would like to go to the gym too...so my idea was to clean my car and then go to the gym...because if i go to the gym and then try to clean my car i might not feel up to it afterwards...

i was going to write some more...but my mom is irritating me and i am going to go off if she keeps trying to quiz my on my thyroid...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

hhhmmmm...i should have gotten a medium...

i went to panda express and got a large mountain dew and probably should have gotten a medium...and panda express isn't that good...but ugh...my moms been gone for the past couple days so it should be nice to see her come home today...other then that nothing much else has gone on...but my birthday is only 9 days away so i am pretty stoked about turning 21!

until then...something to make you smile...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

you don't look like your from nebraska...

you look like you come from asia...

yep...thats one of the conversations nhung and i had while we walked around target...we make each other laugh and we got each others back...any way...while we were in there i picked up a few things that i needed and a few things that i didn't need...i found potato guns for only a dollar...so i picked up about four of them so i could have a real potato gun fight with friends...and its not like one of those potato launchers obviously but it picks out pieces of a potato and then you shoot it at people...i saw them on an episode of ace of cakes one time and really liked them...so now i can't wait to have potato gun fights...

im done now...

Monday, May 12, 2008


one of the stupidest tattoos that i have ever seen...Photobucket
i mean not only is it a tramp stamp...but a very nerdy tramp stamp...and don't get me wrong i love mario brother's...but this has to be one of those cracked out tattoo decisions you made because you thought it would be fun after playing the video game for 18 hours...

but there is nothing stupid about kill bill...or adding music and sound effects from the video game to one of the coolest fight scenes ever...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

you know what really grids my gears...

...my list from 43things of 100 things that piss me off, besides having money...
1. The home shopping network hosts are so annoying and they can’t even act like an actual person, they seem so fake.
2. People who inch up at a red light, I mean do they actually think the light is going to change quicker if they keep moving up.
3. Slow driving old people and tourists.
4. Not getting a straw when I get food.
5. Taking 10 minutes to make me two drinks at Sonic and I still don’t get a straw.
6. Bandwagoners
7. People who try to rain on my parade
8. Friends disappointing me
9. When my team starts a loosing streak
10. The obnoxious flash on my camera
11. Having trouble sleeping
12. Using markers only to find that they have dried up
13.Wet chucks
14. Parkside movie theatre
15. Long lines at theme parks
16. Getting behind on homework
17. My phone dieing after only talks on it for 20 minutes
18. Tags sticking out the back of someones shirt
19. Haters
20. Stupid movie endings
21. Not being able to write in my journal
22. Cell phone bills
23. The International House of Pancakes
24. Mayonnaise
25. Sea food
26. Going long periods of times without talking to my best friend
27. Getting yelled at
28. Arguing with friends
29. Stupid people
30. Highway patrol (it is nothing like Super Troopers)
31. Priorities
32. People who think they are better then me and feel the need to treat me that way
33. Working in the car industry
34. My cat waking me up
35. Being tired and not being able to take a nap or go to sleep
36. Not having me time
37. People paying for things
38. Having to pay people back
39. Dirty carpets
40. Scratched lenses on my glasses
41. Crying so much
42. Loud, obnoxious fans at hockey games
43. Unibrows
44. Knowing I’m right and people trying to prove me wrong
45. Ticket prices for concerts
46. Watered down drinks
47. Customers who treat people who work hard like shit
48. Getting woken up in the morning because someone felt the need to call me or text me at 7 am
49. People who hop in the 10 items or less line and gives the cashier shit about something and holds me up from getting in and out of the store quick
50. The song “Hey There Delilah”
51. People yelling during a power play to “SHOOT THE PUCK!”

Half the people yelling it probably don’t understand a damn thing about hockey and are yelling because they are idiots.

Just because we have a one man advantage does NOT mean they will score. The other team is trying even harder to stop you from doing that which makes it hard for our guys to set up the power play. Just because you think they should shoot does not mean they should. Because the minute they shoot it and it doesn’t go in, we have a turn over, then a break away, then the other teams scores a short handed goal. Which we DON’T WANT!

So stop yelling “SHOOT THE PUCK!” you sound stupid and I will punch you in your face!
52. People who are underage who think that the only way to have fun is by making your friends who are 21 buy you liquor.
53. Just being woke up in the morning (unless I have something to do, then I’m good).
54. When the store doesn’t have my size in shirts.
55. Ordering a chicken CAESAR wrap and getting asked what kind of dressing I wanted? If I wanted another type of dressing then I would have said “Can I get _ instead of Caesar?”
56. People using my internet and making it slow, I don’t know why my mom won’t set it to private.
57. The Goonies and other awesome movies that have been edited for tv! They seriously cut out some of the best lines and scenes from the movie, it’s just awful.
58. When I go to Target and find better gifts for kids then Wal-mart.
59. Spending 8 bucks to go see a movie that was just plain BAD!
60. My feet getting dry.
61. Missing a Red Sox game to go to a birthday party in the Florida heat.
62. Going to the mall to shop when I have to find something to wear, it’s just not as fun when you go just to shop.
63. Making hot dogs and not having hot dog buns.
64. Long lines in the drive thru.
65. Getting spit up on by babies.
66. Catching a kids projectile vomit in my hands.
67. Stupid bitches that I see at a concert who I went to high school with talk shit about me. Yeah, if you and your other stupid ass friends look at me, huddle up to talk shit, and then look at me again at the same damn time, I think I know you talking about me. Hey Stephanie, high schools over! No one cares that you were Class President or Prom Queen!
68. I’m watching a movie or tv show and the station wants to promote another show that’s on later and a stupid little man walks across the screen and total messes up the movie.
69. Being invited by a third party to do something when the person who had the tickets could have just invited me.
70. Ignorant people who try shove their religion down other people�s throats.
71. Not being able to go swimming on a perfectly nice day in Florida.
72. Finding a pair of broken sunglasses.
73. Always having to drive to Tampa to hang out with people.
74. DVDs that skip because they have been scratched.
75. Burnt parmesan chicken that I ordered with my bow-tie pasta.
76. wearing high heels…
77. not getting enough sleep…
78. my ipod dyeing in the middle of me listening to it…
79. not having food in the kitchen…
80. dry feet…
81. not having cotton swabs to clean my ears…
82. forgetting the title of a song that i know i know…
83. having a chance to get an internship and then finding out i can’t do it because my school doesn’t have a teacher for it and that i won’t get credit for it…
84. being hungry and not knowing what I really want because im tired of fast food and there is nothing in the kitchen…
85. missing my favorite tv show…
86. being told i can’t say something…especially when its something funny…
87. having some bitch tell me im not funny and that i 88. should just give up…
89. people who over react…
90. drama being brought on for no real reason…
91. missing a really amazing sale…
92. my room being messy and not having time to clean it…
93. people who feel the need to cut infront of me while im in line…
94. soda that has gone flat…
95. hearing something out in the dinning room and getting the shit scared out of me…
96. not being able to find my sharpie…
97. waiters who are bad…i don’t like giving bad tips…but man it seems like in the past few weeks i have had some pretty awful waiters…
98. bad movies that i payed 8 bucks to see and they were just really bad…
99. getting a dvd back from someone and it either being scratched or the box has been messed up…
100. the tv going out during a show or a movie…

Saturday, May 10, 2008

oh what is that...

so i am really considering buying a new camera...one of the didital slr cameras that actually take pretty amazing pictures...but i have no idea which i should get...i know cannon and nikon are two reaally good kinds...but out of those cameras...which one should i get...its so confusing...

but for now i am going to enjoy my mini vacation over in the 813...im house sitting for miss. rachel and just kind of relaxing...i was considering working on some scrapbooking especially since tomorrow is mother's day and i wanted to make something for my mom and aunt...but i still need to get pictures printed so i don't know exactly what i am going to do...i know they aren't gonna really want to do anything tomorrow since my grandma (their mom) is in the hospital so i think im gonna buy some flowers and then finish the scrapbooks sometime before wednesday since i figure ill probably end up taking them out to eat one day next week...

summer classes start monday so i get to enjoy having to take one class this summer...i figured i would take liberal arts over and make up the grade...but this time i think im gonna actually go to the campus and take a class instead of taking it online...

nothing to exciting going on right now...so on that note...cue the music...
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