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Sunday, May 11, 2008

you know what really grids my gears...

...my list from 43things of 100 things that piss me off, besides having money...
1. The home shopping network hosts are so annoying and they can’t even act like an actual person, they seem so fake.
2. People who inch up at a red light, I mean do they actually think the light is going to change quicker if they keep moving up.
3. Slow driving old people and tourists.
4. Not getting a straw when I get food.
5. Taking 10 minutes to make me two drinks at Sonic and I still don’t get a straw.
6. Bandwagoners
7. People who try to rain on my parade
8. Friends disappointing me
9. When my team starts a loosing streak
10. The obnoxious flash on my camera
11. Having trouble sleeping
12. Using markers only to find that they have dried up
13.Wet chucks
14. Parkside movie theatre
15. Long lines at theme parks
16. Getting behind on homework
17. My phone dieing after only talks on it for 20 minutes
18. Tags sticking out the back of someones shirt
19. Haters
20. Stupid movie endings
21. Not being able to write in my journal
22. Cell phone bills
23. The International House of Pancakes
24. Mayonnaise
25. Sea food
26. Going long periods of times without talking to my best friend
27. Getting yelled at
28. Arguing with friends
29. Stupid people
30. Highway patrol (it is nothing like Super Troopers)
31. Priorities
32. People who think they are better then me and feel the need to treat me that way
33. Working in the car industry
34. My cat waking me up
35. Being tired and not being able to take a nap or go to sleep
36. Not having me time
37. People paying for things
38. Having to pay people back
39. Dirty carpets
40. Scratched lenses on my glasses
41. Crying so much
42. Loud, obnoxious fans at hockey games
43. Unibrows
44. Knowing I’m right and people trying to prove me wrong
45. Ticket prices for concerts
46. Watered down drinks
47. Customers who treat people who work hard like shit
48. Getting woken up in the morning because someone felt the need to call me or text me at 7 am
49. People who hop in the 10 items or less line and gives the cashier shit about something and holds me up from getting in and out of the store quick
50. The song “Hey There Delilah”
51. People yelling during a power play to “SHOOT THE PUCK!”

Half the people yelling it probably don’t understand a damn thing about hockey and are yelling because they are idiots.

Just because we have a one man advantage does NOT mean they will score. The other team is trying even harder to stop you from doing that which makes it hard for our guys to set up the power play. Just because you think they should shoot does not mean they should. Because the minute they shoot it and it doesn’t go in, we have a turn over, then a break away, then the other teams scores a short handed goal. Which we DON’T WANT!

So stop yelling “SHOOT THE PUCK!” you sound stupid and I will punch you in your face!
52. People who are underage who think that the only way to have fun is by making your friends who are 21 buy you liquor.
53. Just being woke up in the morning (unless I have something to do, then I’m good).
54. When the store doesn’t have my size in shirts.
55. Ordering a chicken CAESAR wrap and getting asked what kind of dressing I wanted? If I wanted another type of dressing then I would have said “Can I get _ instead of Caesar?”
56. People using my internet and making it slow, I don’t know why my mom won’t set it to private.
57. The Goonies and other awesome movies that have been edited for tv! They seriously cut out some of the best lines and scenes from the movie, it’s just awful.
58. When I go to Target and find better gifts for kids then Wal-mart.
59. Spending 8 bucks to go see a movie that was just plain BAD!
60. My feet getting dry.
61. Missing a Red Sox game to go to a birthday party in the Florida heat.
62. Going to the mall to shop when I have to find something to wear, it’s just not as fun when you go just to shop.
63. Making hot dogs and not having hot dog buns.
64. Long lines in the drive thru.
65. Getting spit up on by babies.
66. Catching a kids projectile vomit in my hands.
67. Stupid bitches that I see at a concert who I went to high school with talk shit about me. Yeah, if you and your other stupid ass friends look at me, huddle up to talk shit, and then look at me again at the same damn time, I think I know you talking about me. Hey Stephanie, high schools over! No one cares that you were Class President or Prom Queen!
68. I’m watching a movie or tv show and the station wants to promote another show that’s on later and a stupid little man walks across the screen and total messes up the movie.
69. Being invited by a third party to do something when the person who had the tickets could have just invited me.
70. Ignorant people who try shove their religion down other people�s throats.
71. Not being able to go swimming on a perfectly nice day in Florida.
72. Finding a pair of broken sunglasses.
73. Always having to drive to Tampa to hang out with people.
74. DVDs that skip because they have been scratched.
75. Burnt parmesan chicken that I ordered with my bow-tie pasta.
76. wearing high heels…
77. not getting enough sleep…
78. my ipod dyeing in the middle of me listening to it…
79. not having food in the kitchen…
80. dry feet…
81. not having cotton swabs to clean my ears…
82. forgetting the title of a song that i know i know…
83. having a chance to get an internship and then finding out i can’t do it because my school doesn’t have a teacher for it and that i won’t get credit for it…
84. being hungry and not knowing what I really want because im tired of fast food and there is nothing in the kitchen…
85. missing my favorite tv show…
86. being told i can’t say something…especially when its something funny…
87. having some bitch tell me im not funny and that i 88. should just give up…
89. people who over react…
90. drama being brought on for no real reason…
91. missing a really amazing sale…
92. my room being messy and not having time to clean it…
93. people who feel the need to cut infront of me while im in line…
94. soda that has gone flat…
95. hearing something out in the dinning room and getting the shit scared out of me…
96. not being able to find my sharpie…
97. waiters who are bad…i don’t like giving bad tips…but man it seems like in the past few weeks i have had some pretty awful waiters…
98. bad movies that i payed 8 bucks to see and they were just really bad…
99. getting a dvd back from someone and it either being scratched or the box has been messed up…
100. the tv going out during a show or a movie…

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