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Saturday, July 26, 2008

so it is written...

im an idiot...i got all excited that the lightning would be playing the san jose sharks this year that instead of looking at the whole schedule i just looked and saw they were playing them in san jose on january 13th...but today i decided i would actually "look" at the schedule...and what do my eye wander upon...the sharks will be in tampa OCTOBER 25th! so instead of trying to save money for a trip to go to san jose...i will be doing something better...

1. I will get amazing seats for this game! Tickets aren't on sale yet, but I would give it by August and I will have even just one ticket. But, I need to decide where this ticket will be, do I sit on the home side or do I sit behind the bench of the visitors side? Or do I find a way to sit in the famous Ice Box so I can sit between both teams? It's a tough decision.

2. I will have my Lightning jersey by September 1st! No ifs, ands, or buts about it, I will have ordered it by then, that gives me plenty of time to have it delivered and ready for the season. This will be the easiest decision to make too. Even though he is not on the team any more, I still want my first jersey to be for number 22, Dan Boyle! There is only one number 22 and unfortunately he is in San Jose, but I will always rep number 22!

so here is my reward for doing this, if i buy the jersey I will pay top dollar for the best seat I can get...if I don't get the jersey I will sit in the nose bleed section because I wouldn't deserve to if I can't get a simple jersey...the sooner i buy it the more money i will be able to save for the ticket...that's the deal i am making with myself...and i have till october 25th to get it all done!

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