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Thursday, September 11, 2008


So today while I was taking out the garbage I looked over into my neighbors backyard and I saw chickens! Yeah like 5 chickens hiding under the grill in the backyard of my neighbors! Seriously, I knew Pinellas Park was crazy and all pimped out by rednecks, but this? We live in the suburbs of a city that has like 2 farms, and not even big ones, just a few that have horses on them. Ha, their nuts over there!

Last weekend I went to Urban Outfitter's with Hannah and bought a couple books that I have been wanting. Well one that I have been wanting and another I saw and thought would be fun to have! There not so much books to actually read, but more so for entertainment! The first one is the New American Bartender's Handbook which I wanted so I could add to my alcoholism! Not really, but I thought it would be a nice addition to the cookbooks we have in our kitchen or to my kitchen once I get my own. Seems like a pretty nice book, it has recipies, tips, background on how my favorite alcohol like rum and tequila is made, oh and what a home bar should be stocked up with! Haven't gotten to make any of the recipes in the book yet, I have liquor, but not enough to try anything new really, but that'll change. Especially since I have started a new goal on my 43 things to try 43 new drinks or shots, I might get to finish this goal quickly! I don't plan on adding any drinks I have had before I made this goal so I can actually try some new shit and find out what my signature drink or shot will be!

The other book I picked was 101 Things to Do Before You're Old and Boring! Picked it up, flipped through it, and figured what the hell, this should help me pick new goals to try and add to my 43 things. But not only is it a good book for 43 things, but for here too. Figure I'll have something to write about in here by using this book.

I saw a few other books that I want to get. One that I picked up but put back down because I found the 101 things book. The Stuff White People Like. I saw the guy who created the book the other night on Conan and cracked up a bit, then I saw the book I almost bought it, so maybe next time I get over there or I hit the bookstore I could pick it up. Next time I get paid, since I am basically broke at this time!

The other few books I want to get somewhat soon are Lemon Poppy Seed; a nifty, expensive book on young graphic designers and their work. Choke; it's by the same guy who wrote Fight Club and it's a new movie that's coming out with Sam Rockwell in it. Don't know why I want it, but I am intrigued by the movie, but kinda feel like I would rather read the book, so that one is on my list too. The other one I saw was a kinda cookbook but all about Sweets! Couldn't find it on the Urban Outfitter's website, but I've seen it at the store and I want it! My mom should love it since she is a diabetic, HA! But if I ever throw a party or feel like playing Martha Stewart one holiday to give my friends and loved ones without diabetic concerns, fun, sweet treats then I could! That's a lot to just say I want to bake, but could it a convincing way to get the book?

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