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Saturday, September 20, 2008

the newest trend...

Not really, but I have found a new site that I have been on everyday since I joined! Polyvore, is a nifty site that allows any one with an eye for fashion can create a collage of high fashion or a simple outfit that a girl might love! It's addicting, but fun! I've already made about 12 sets and definitely not finished with it yet. I usually find a site I really like, go on it for about month, sometimes a week, and I'm over it already, but I'm pretty sure I will be going on this site for more then my usual web site stint.

This is one of my latest sets that i created yesterday! I'll probably end up making more tonight, depending on what else I got going on.

I've been meaning to clean my room because it is an absolute mess, but I also bought new scrapbooking supplies today so I;m kinda wanting to play with that stuff too! Choices, choices, choices! So little to do and so much time to do it! Wait, no, scratch that, reverse it.

Tomorrow is Ice Fest at the Forum. I was gonna go to the last Ray's game instead, but tickets are now sold out and since that is no longer an option I'm gonna go ahead and go to Ice Fest. Might be lame, might not, but at least I'll be hanging out with friends and that is always fun!

I've FINALLY registered to vote! Put the form in the mail this morning so I will be able to vote in this year's election!

Next week the fall tv season begins! That means, hopefully, a full season of my favorite shows! Can't wait.

And with the Office coming back this week, I have found this...I saw part of it on Adult Swim the other night I kinda freaked when I noticed it was Rainn Wilson and I had to find it...

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