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Sunday, October 12, 2008

its nothing for you to worry bout...

From last sunday to last thursday my internet was jacked, mainly because Verizon screwed up the modem and we needed a new one. My mom called them Sunday, the person she talked to had her go through all these different steps to get it working but nothing worked and he said "it was a miracle we had even been able to get on the internet because of something Verizon did the last time the internet went out and that all we needed to do was call back Monday morning explain to them what we already did to get the internet working again and have them send out a new modem." Yeah, not as easy as you would think, since it took me 3 phone calls and close to 2 hours to get the modem sent to us! Then when we finally got the modem, we still had problems. We'll at least I did. I was using the Dell that my mom got from work and now it can't connect to our internet at home, but it can connect to other wireless internet services. It sucks and we have no idea why it won't work at home. i was thinking tonight how badly I need my own computer.

This weekend has been eventful. Friday night I went to the Rays game with Liz, Cody, and Hannah. ALCS game against Boston! It was fun, but the game was slow and seemed like neither team was really playing well, but Boston won with two runs and we got out I'd say around 12:30ish? Can't remember, but I did finally go to bed at 2:40! Last nights game was a whole lot more fun, but I didn't get to go to that game because the Lightning home opener was the same night. can I just say how happy I am that hockey is FINALLY back! More fun stories to make with Sticks'N'Chicks, getting to see my hockey friends, and just getting to be at the games makes this time of the year even more great! I already love the month of October and the beginning of hockey season is just another reason to love this month!

Let's recap though...Lightning went into overtime and sadly lost to the Hurricanes 4 to 3 making them 0 and 3 right now. The Rays on the other hand went into extra innings and beat Boston tying the series 1-1!

And after this weekend, the fact that I am still up is unbelievable, since I haven't gone to bed till 2:30 or 2:40 the past few days. And even right now, I am exhausted, just staying up to upload pictures from the game.

Now to things that happened, but nothing that I did, just found.

Found this on the MySpace blog of Dane Cook:
I'm an optimistic pessimist. I'm pretty sure things are going to go horribly wrong.

I'm a procrastinator with a photographic memory. I can see what I'm supposed to be doing clearly.

A suicide note written by someone who is not suicidal is called an autobiography.

Finally, after years of research I can describe perfectly all of the people who hate me for whatever reason in one word. Balding.

The screensaver pipes is far more entertaining than The Hills.

In every fountain there is a shimmering coin at the bottom tossed there with a meaningful wish and a person standing at a parking meter muttering, "fuck."

Racists are young and sexy. Bigots are old and ugly.
(racist = dolphin / bigot = platypus)

Every group of friends needs a racist to say what they're really thinking.

I've been a nobody and I've been a somebody. Somebody pays better.

Whoever came up with the concept for the copyright must have been nervous someone would steal their idea.

The word "word" backwards is drow. And according to my source material (*) "Drow are, on the whole, sadistic, arrogant, cruel, destructive, hedonistic, and treacherous. Their eternal game of advancement at the expense of others, which is encouraged by the spider goddess herself, has transformed the dark elves into a race of scheming backstabbers eager to increase their own stations by pulling down those ahead of them and crushing their inferiors underfoot."
Sooooo -- My point isssss .... I'm just sayin'.

(* Drow Campaign and Resource Center)

And then this, probably one of the funniest sketches that has been done on SNL...

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