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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving thanks to the movies that corrupted me...

I figured I could explain my list for the Horror Movies That Made Me…I totally got the idea from arrow in the head, but it’s a good list to me at least. Most are fairly recent, but come on, it has taken me a while to throw my self into movies like I have, I’m only 21 and have honestly only been so invested since I was maybe 14 or 15. I’m working on a list right now of horror movies that I want to see because of how much praise I’ve heard about them and I’m pretty excited for the list! So you might not think my list is that great, but these are the horror movies that got me all wide eyed and excited, and because of them I am happy to call myself a horror movie fan! Because no movie tickles me the way a good horror movie does (well some do, but horror movies are love). I have no order to this list, since it’s probably one of the hardest things for me to do is put movies in order, because what exactly am I judging them on, if they are my favorite what am I really basing the order off of? I have yet to figure that shi out, but when I do, I might change to order of the list…

House on Haunted Hill
It was the first DVD I ever bought, even before I owned a DVD player. Stupid? Maybe, but I think I convinced my mom to let us rent it, and I watched it with my parents and was thrown into what I was seeing. I saw it at Best Buy, I think, and just decided to buy it. Sure people questioned me for the purchase, but screw them, because when I finally did have a DVD player I watched none stop until I bought a couple more movies. Don’t remember what they were though.

The Last House on the Left
I saw the Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments and decided I needed to watch everything on the list. My mom hadn’t gotten NetFlix yet, so I had to rely on Blockbuster to have the movie, and surprise, surprise, I actually found this one! So one day during Spring Break I popped this puppy in while I was alone one day and watched. And when I was done, I realized why my parents always wanted to know where I was, and who I was with. And why they wouldn’t let me go out with a certain person, because honestly I hung out with a couple people who would end doing what these two girls did, and I would be stuck in this situation. I think about some of the stupid shit I did, and how it was the other people I hung out with that were pushing me to do the stupid shit and all of it couldn’t lead to what happened in this movie. Let’s just say I’m a lot more open to telling my friends to “fuck off” when they go to do some stupid shit.

Cannibal Holocaust
When people find out that I love horror movies, the always ask, “Well, what’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?” And every time, I didn’t really know what to say, because I’ve seen scary movies, but nothing that shocked me or really got me to the point where I was honestly scared to move out of my seat. Until I saw this! Holy hell! I’ve heard so many things about this movie and for the longest time it was on my list of movies to see and I am so happy I bought it when I found it. I was at MovieStop and honestly almost peed myself after picking it up, I was so excited to finally have found it! I’ve never seen anything like it before, and was completely shocked and caught off guard when I watched it. I am honestly a prouder horror fan now after seeing this, and if you haven’t yet, get up on it!

The Thing
This was the movie I found out Kurt Russell was a bad ass. I was probably 12 or 13 when I saw this, but oddly enough my mom was the one who had me watch it. I remember being in Blockbuster and she found me over the horror section, which I usually hung out in to look at the boxes and read about the movies I knew I wasn’t aloud to watch. She picked this up and said it was scary and that she would get it for me if I wanted to watch it. Ummm, duh! My mom always used to joke about the guy who’s head turned into that spider looking thing, had no idea what she was talking about, but know when I see him I laugh. My mom is not one for horror movies, so it was a surprise when we watched this. Not even a week ago I wanted to watch it again, so I put it in, and she actually fast-forwarded thru the dog scene! Seriously, you had me watch this when I was how old, and you can’t watch it now? I’ve been trying to convince my nephew to watch it now too. He’s not as excited as I was at that age.

The one thing I remember about this movie was that it was the first horror movie my parents didn’t want me to watch and my brother convinced them to let me watch it any way. I was maybe 10 or 11 and I think the entire movie I tried not to look interested, but was hooked. I think my moms reasoning, was that I wasn’t old enough and I would have nightmares. HA! I watch the movie, and I still like it, but honestly, it’s not even that scary, but then I again I went the longest time not seeing the alien autopsy scene in Independence Day because I got sent out of the room when it came on.

Alien and Aliens
Another movie my mom introduced me to. For a mom who was overprotected of not letting me even watch the Nightmare Before Christmas when it came out, she sure did let me watch a lot of other scarier shit. Any way, so we watched the first one together, and I think it was 12 or 13 birthday party where I got to watch the second one. I was having a sleepover and she let pick out two or three movies to watch that night and I picked up these two.

Return of the Living Dead
I just watched this movie again for Halloween and it’s not even that great of a zombie movie! It’s more funny then anything, but you really don’t get to see much ripping and eating. Sure it happens a couple times, but not like other zombie movies that I’ve seen. I’m not saying it’s bad though, I still like to watch it. But I remember when I first saw it I was scared out of my wits. I saw it was probably to little to be watching a movie like that, but I was in my brother’s room watching tv while he was out one night and came across this. I knew I would get in trouble for watching it so the entire time I was on the edge of his bed switching between channels incase someone decided to come in and check on me. Thankfully the Cartoon Network was one channel over so I was convincing.

Silence of the Lambs
Again, another movie my parents didn’t want me to watch. But I remember in middle school everyone was talking about it because either Red Dragon or Hannibal was coming out that year and so my friends were telling me about the movie and after hearing that I HAD to see it! Of course thinking back to it, I’m pretty positive that half the people who talked about it never actually saw the movie. But I on the other hand did end up seeing it. My brother rented it one day and when I came home I put it in and watched it. My parents weren’t home yet, but the entire time I didn’t move from the arm of the couch so I could turn it off and take it out incase someone got home. And the shitty part about it was that for me to watch the hole thing I fast forwarded thru it and only stopped it when I saw something that caught my eye and even when I did play it my hands covered my eyes incase it was to scary. No worries though, I watched again a few years later and got actually enjoy the movie.

The Exorcist
Most of these movies were ones that I wasn’t allowed to watch as a kid, but then again maybe that’s why there on this list. But with this one I remember trying so hard to convince my mom to let me watch it. It took so long to let her do it too. But she finally caved in a let me watch it, with her right next to me though. I remember the crucifix scene and looking between the TV and her the entire time it was going on. She said something about this being one of the reasons why she didn’t want me watching it, but I was way to freaked out to even care. It was funny though after the movie I remember trying to convince my mom that she was right and that I would probably never watch the movie again. Ha! I’ve totally seen it like ten more times after that.

Nightmare on Elm Street and Nightmare on Elm Street 3
With this one I actually saw part of the third movie before I saw this one. I was honestly, maybe 5 or 6 and we went to this movie store down the street from our house that we would always go to and they were playing the third movie on the TV’s in the store. Well I just stood there and watched Patricia Arquette get eaten by this giant worm thing. My eyes were glued to the TV. Finally my mom realized what I was watching a yelled at the clerk at the desk and they turned it off. Then I think when I was 12 or 14 I got my mom to rent the original and I watched that with my friend one night. Funny thing is, is that my friend who I was watching it with said that she had seen it before, but during the whole movie she was as scared as I was. I swear if the people I hung out with didn’t lie about seeing all these scary movies, I might not have turned out the way I did, and I wouldn’t want to watch them as badly.

But thanks to all those liars and a big thanks to my mom! If it weren’t for you all, my mind wouldn’t be as corrupt as it is now and I wouldn’t love watching these movies!

Oh and here's a fun fact...I won't eat fish after seeing the movie Airplane!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

far and few in between...

That is how this blog is looking. But then again you should see my journal that I was going to write in everyday...I am still writing an entry that I started I think on Tuesday and have yet to gully finish what I was writing. Even on Friday, I felt the need to write and didn't have it with me so I wrote my entry on a piece of paper and plan to rewrite it in my actual journal! Yeah, go me!

Tonight I was supposed to go see Jimmy Fallon because he is at the Tampa Improv, but unfortunately I am unable to because I haven't got the money. I thought my pay check would have been a little more then it actually was, but I was wrong. This week I actually made a budget, so I knew what I was spending and where I would spend it, and by the time I was done, I had no money left over to go see him. I'm a little disappointed, but hey it's either go to the hockey game on Tuesday or go to the Improv. I pick hockey! Speaking of hockey, our coach was fired on Friday! Yep, Barry Melrose, a man who has only coached 16 games, who has been out of the coaching game for 13 years was let go from the staff. Sure, the Lightning have had a slow start, but I mean seriously, give the man break, you can't actually determine if he should be sacked or not after 16 games! Uh, being a Lightning fan right now is tough stuff, I actually don't think hockey fans have a long life expectancy. You might laugh, but seriously, with everything that goes on, we as fans must add more stress on us then we should be. I'm sure its true for any sports fan, but I think insurance companies should seriously consider asking people if they are a sports fan when getting health insurance.

So last night, I finished reading Twilight. My mom has been trying to get me to read those books for a while now, and for some reason, last week I decided to actually read it. But did she have the book when I went to go pick it up? NO! She let someone borrow it! I mean seriously, after all this time, I can't read it now, because she lets someone she works with take it home and read it! So, I waited a couple days and finally decided to go to WalMart and buy it. Picked it up for like seven bucks! So each day I read it for couple hours and finished it last night! I'm not much for books, I am definitely more of a movie person and if a movie is based off a book I would honestly rather not read it before seeing the movie. Every time, and I mean EVERY TIME, someone reads the book before the movie they end up not liking the movie because the leave out certain things, or the actor they got didn't meet what they had imagined, and I have more respect for movies to walk out of perfectly good movie and feel disappointed. But, maybe after reading Twilight and then seeing it I can still walk out of the movie happy with it, as long as the movie was done well too. Who knows, maybe the movie will be crap any way, and I won't like it, not for how much I enjoyed the book, but because the movie was just bad! I'm not betting against it though.

My mom said the only reason I even read the book was because I knew the movie was coming out. Hahahaha! Seriously, I knew about the movie being out for how many months now? And I never once had the urge to pick that book up! Even when the fourth book came out and I had people telling 'Oh Erin, go read it, it's such a great book' did I ever want to actually read it. Like I said, I've never been one for reading. Even though my mom is reading teacher. (Don't think to hard on that one, my mom can't even understand that one.) Nope, nothing would get me to read this book, but then last weekend, for whatever reason I just decided I would read it. Maybe it was boredom, or maybe the trailers I've been watching are sending out subliminal messages to those who have not yet read the book. No matter the reason, I read it. And I liked it. So there you go Twilight fans, you WIN!

I'm gonna start reading the second book today and I almost positive that I will have that one read before Thursday. Maybe not though, there's a hockey game Tuesday and then Hockey and Heels Thursday. Eh, it'll get read before then. But I told my mom I would go see the movie with her on Friday, which she didn't believe when I told her. Pretty sure she thinks I'm gonna go see it with her now since I read the book. Maybe that was the reason. Maybe it was I wanted to make my mom proud.

Or it might have been because of that boy up there on the left! Haha!

And now for something a lot more fucking interesting!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McCain Supporters Make Me Laugh...

Note: It's not all McCain supporters, but the majority of you are just talking bananas!

You really do, because of how ridiculous you all really are. Sure, I would be just as upset if Obama had lost, but I wouldn't be angry and I wouldn't cry! And I sure as hell wouldn't cry out that I am moving out of Amercia! Seriously! Stop being morons.

I just watched McCain speak and if he can respect Obama then you sure as hell can too. You hung on every word McCain spoke, why don't you continue to listen to what he has to say and get over the fact that he lost.

And if after McCain's speech and Obama's speech after winning the presidency, you can't believe that the next four years will be better then the last eight, then I honestly hope you do leave. Because you have obviously forgotten what it means to be an American.

I'm done now...

Obama's Victory Speech...

McCain's Concession Speech...
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