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Monday, December 29, 2008

oh how i love movies...

I could have had my lists all done with these, but I'm going to file all of them into the movie list blog portion of my 2008 year in review. Well, there are actually four lists, but one can wait till after the new year starts.

Favorite Movies of 2008

10. Sex and the City
Never saw the show, because I never had HBO and even when it was on regular cable I never watched it. But I went with a friend because I knew she really wanted to see it and so I went with her and I ended up really liking it. The entire time when I looked at my friend and would see her crying over something, I kinda laughed, because I had no idea why she was crying.

9. Twilight
I don't even know why I put this one on here. I mean I liked it, but since I've seen it about four times I figured it should be on here. But then I thought about this list and it wasn't last on the list, but I definitely liked it better then Sex and the City. Honestly though, I don't think this would have made it on the list if I hadn't read the books before hand, but that's a hole other story.

8. Wall-E
Nothing better then a movie that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside, yet makes you feel like going on a diet and go to the gym more. That aside, Wall-E was cute. Nothing like previous Disney Pixar movies I've seen, not that I didn't like the others, but this one seemed like it had a great message and story.

7. Pineapple Express
The best thing about this movie is that it reminds me of me and other people I know, well not entirely, since I don't smoke weed, but just the way Rogen and Franco act is almost exactly how most of my friends and I act. And the fact that in the end, these guys down guns like their Scarface and just throw down, but in a way that is believable. Not just these guys are all of a sudden ninjas or gun wielding Mafiosos, but like they actually just do what feels natural enough to throw down.

6. Iron Man
Thank you Robert Downey Jr. for making an awesome come back. This guy has always been cool, and it just makes sense for him to play a bad ass. I'm glad a suitcase full of blow and hookers haven't completely ruined him. Great comeback Robert Downey Jr. you are the man!

5. Wanted
Don't know why I didn't see this one in the theatre, but after watching it, man did I want to be an assassin. And seriously, James McAvoy did a good job from going to introverted, nobody to a bad ass mother fucker. And honestly, they ended the movie on such a awesome fucking note.

4. Tropic Thunder
I have to agree, Tropic Thunder is one of the best comedies in years. Robert Downey Jr. did such an outstanding job with this role and Tom Cruise absolutely stole the movie. There is nothing wrong with this movie, it is absolute hiliarity.

3. Zach and Miri Make A Porno
Now even though, thinking about it, Tropic Thunder was much funnier, but I'm a big fan of Kevin Smith and his style of comedy. Mallrats used to be my favorite Kevin Smith film, but after this one, I might end up switching my list around.

2. The Dark Knight
How amazing was this movie? No that isn't a question, that's a fucking statement! Oh how amazing was this movie! Seriously, this was actually a better remake then the original Batman movie with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Kinda wish they didn't do KO on Maggie Gyllenhaal, but I guess it was needed. But that really is besides the point since Heath Ledger was beyond outstanding at this role. Words can not describe what he did for the Joker. And it breaks my heart to know that they he won't be able to continue with his work.

1. Mamma Mia!
This was hard. I'm sure everyone will disagree with me on this one, but I had to make Mamma Mia my number one favorite for 2008. I don't even know how it happened, but I absolutely loved this movie. When it came out all I wanted to do was go to the theatre and see it over and over again. Only got to see it twice, once on opening night and the other on opening night of sing along version. I'm glad I can still actually really like a chick flick. It seems like I try to stay away from them now, but it's good to know that an actual chick flick can be a great movie that has a chance to great things.

Honorable Mention: Funny Games I wish I could have liked this movie more. It just seemed to slow for my tastes. It had plenty of great scenes, but it took to long to get to them and I think it really slowed down the movie. But then again, I like the fact that it was more of smart horror movie then just gallons of blood and tons of gore. Sure it was violent, but it wasn't like it was pointless, the movie had a great story. If it hadn't have been so slow, it would have definently made the list.

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