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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the year in review...


The year started off with fireworks in the parking lot of Liz’s old apartment with two homo’s, Hannah, and of course Miss. Liz! The year got better as the hockey season continued on. School was a drag, mostly because online classes are not for me. Got a new job as a nanny. Had to take a class over the summer to bring my GPA back up, but I still have to wait to get my scholarship reinstated. Hockey season ended on a low note, as in last place in the league, while Baseball season started with a new name and a new logo. Went to opening day with Liz and continued to enjoy the season with her and who ever else decided to come to the games. Tried to have a good summer. Went to my first Red Sox game in which the they got whopped. Tried to have even a good birthday, but only half of my 21st was worth it. Favorite hockey player was traded on my birthday to a team who the day before I said would be my favorite west coast team. Continued to try to have a good summer. Lost a best friend on my own accord. Realized that the friends I have are worth more to me then anything and are worth keeping around. Hockey season started back up with a new favorite player, who is still only second to Dan Boyle. Took the semester off since I don’t have my scholarship. Went to a play off game. Continued to nanny. Got sucked into the world of Twilight. Went to Minnesota for a white Christmas. Got a new computer. And am hopefully going to have another great New Years Eve.

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