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Sunday, January 4, 2009

looking foward to it...

When I was looking over my list of favorite movies of 2008, I was pretty disappointed that I didn't have more to pick from. And even some of the one's that I did end up putting on there I felt weren't worthy enough to be there. So, a resolution if you will for 2009 is to see more movies, and this is my list of the 10 movies I can't wait to see and that I will see!

Honorable Mentions: The Lovely Bones, The Box, and the Unborn.

10. New Moon
November 20th
The main reason I want to see New Moon, is because I want to see what Kristen Stewart can actually do playing Bella. I had a few problems with her in Twilight and other projects she has done, but since I know the company producing New Moon is more concerned with recasting Jacob and they will never get rid of Stewart as Bella I can only hope she can do better. It's gonna be a big job for her since Bella completely unravels and fall a part in New Moon, I'm hoping she is up to the challenge. And I'm hoping the writer's stick to the book close enough that I can still like it. I had no problem with how the wrote the Twilight, they got the important parts of the book in that needed to be in there in way that fits a movie format. I just hope they do that with this one and not fool around with the story line just to keep Edward in it more.

9. Friday the 13th
February 13th
It's interesting that their basically combining the first three original movies into the one. Oh and the fact that Jason can know run after his victims instead of just either standing there or slowly chasing them at a brisk walk and then catching up to them because the girl he was chasing after is stupid and ran into a closet or fell down in the woods. Kinda excited for a gruesome film, don't know if I will get it or not.

8. Terminator Salvation
May 22nd
Two words: CHRISTIAN BALE! I was just having a discussion with my mom and my aunt about this one and they actually started wondering if the movie would follow the tv show or include parts of it. HUH? EXCUSE ME? WHAT? That would be kinda impossible since that show takes place between the second and the third movie, and this would be the fourth movie. Any way, can't wait for this one, because of CHRISTIAN BALE!

7. Star Trek
May 8th
I've never liked Star Trek, definitely been more of a Star Wars kind of girl. Not to mention, growing up my best friends dad was obsessed with it and actually tried to make us watch it a couple times. Never really enjoyed it after that. But this actually looks good and I feel the need to see it since the man is gonna be in it. Yes, that would have to be Simon Pegg himself. The man is awesome and am excited to just see him in this. Not to mention the guy they got playing Kirk is kinda cute.

6. Unerworld: Rise of the Lycans
January 23rd
Didn't really understand why they were making a third one, but then I saw the trailer for this movie and I got it. Sorry if I seem slow, I knew they making a third one, just didn't know what it was about, but know that I know I'm excited to see it. And seriously Bill Nighy is like the British Christopher Walken, so why wouldn't I go see this. Bill Nighy is also the man!

5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
May 1st
Awh shit, I've been hearing about this one for a while and when I saw the first picture for it about pissed myself, then when I saw the new trailer I think I almost had a seizure. Not really but I had to watch the trailer at least five more times just to actually believe what I had just seen. It's gonna be mind blowinly amazing. I'm almost as excited for this as I was The Dark Knight.

4. Watchmen
March 3rd
I first saw news about this on my favorite movie website, JoBlo. Ans not even a couple days later did I get to see a trailer for it when I saw the Dark Knight. I didn't understand what I had just seen, but the music and the images all combined for one kick ass trailer that I would not forget. Since then, I have basically gotten all giddy with excitement when I saw anything new about this movie. Each trailer that I watch just keeps getting better then the previous one, but the best one is the one I have following this. Enjoy.

3. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
July 17th
I was one of those people who were mad when they changed the release date, but I completely understood why, so I was ok with it. Still wish July would come sooner. After the last movie, these are definitely a different kind of movie then when they started. They have become a lot darker, which is good for the older viewers who watch it. I personally like the way they are going and can't wait to see what they do with this one. Even though I know one of the outcomes, I still want to see it.

2. Where the Wild Things Are
October 16th
I forgot they had been planning on making this since I hadn't heard much about it. But today I saw a new picture for the movie and I think I started to cry with how excited I was to see this. I remember reading this book as a kid, first just looking at the pictures, then actually reading it. This is really gonna be a great movie, I think at least and can't wait to get to see the monsters in reality.

1. Transformers: Rise of the Fallen
June 26th
This is probably one of the biggest, most anticipated sequels ever. Probably in the top five or ten list. I could care less if Shia LeBeouf was in it again, I just want to see the machines again doing what they do. Possibly more fight scenes between them and less dialogue between the actors. Because unless your a guy lusting over Megan Fox, I don't really think any one cares what they are talking about.

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