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Saturday, February 14, 2009

it's because of this...

or maybe not...i'm wishing everyone a very happy valentines day on this very lovey Saturday!

I was supposed to go to Epcot with my mom today because today is also her 56th birthday. But since I didn't get home till 1:30 because I had to babysit, she said I didn't have to go. Which I was actually really happy about. For a few different reasons, the first, I was gonna drive the two hours to Orlando so I could leave early enough to make it back to the game tonight, and gas is going back up so I was to happy about that.

Second, money, along with gas, tickets, other costs to be at a Disney park, along with the game tonight, I would have spent a shit load of money in one day, and I really hate doing that.

The last, and most important reason...it's EPCOT. No one likes going to Epcot! Even in school we hated going there for field trips and we weren't even in school! Any other park would have done and I would have no problem going, but Epcot?

So instead, I am actually getting stuff done today. Cleaning, doing laundry, and a few other errands I need to get done. Still going to the game tonight, so we shall see how the Lightning do against the Capitals.

So everyone, have a safe and happy valentine's day, if you are with someone, wear protection, and if you are single, bring protection just in case. I'm leaving you all with this...

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