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Sunday, February 15, 2009

recently found material...

A few days ago I with my friends in the car and we were listening to the new Lonely Isalnd cd. And stupid me was like oh I've heard about these guys, and then I start listening to a couple of there songs and I have definently not just heard about them, but I've listend to there shit before too. I ended up buying the cd on itunes and was listening to it again, and I was suprised at how many songs I have heard before. Some might say that I'm slow, but I would say I heard about them a while ago and just didn't know they came out with a cd.

This week seemed like a fun week of finding new things. Early in the week I went on Craigslist to check out the missed connections [I wanted to show a friend what is was] and we found one that had to have been the funniest, made up missed connection ever. If you can't read the picture below, here's a link to read about the pregnant stripper.

I figured since this is such a random post, I would at least talk about my new shirt I had made yesterday. Since it was Valentine's day and there was a hockey game last night I really wanted to have a tshirt made for the occasion. So I thought of what it would like and what it would have on it and I went down to the Tshirt Diner at the mall so I could get it made. The girl was really helpful and she helped me get my shirt done for the game that night. No one at the game really said anything, Lauren thought it was cute. I will probably end up wearing it a few more times. I don't know how well the ink will hold up.

Fun week. Busy week too. Hopefully next week will allow for more findings and such. Maybe not. Who knows?

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Cody said...

I love the new song.. On a boat..
I can't stand the rapper guy Tpain.. But, he is funny in this.
With my flippy-floppies..

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