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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

he's got the wright stuff...baby...

So when I began my little howboutno365 I had no idea that one of my favorite director's would also be attempting the same task. And from what I've seen we both have been keeping up nicely! He's pictures are bit more interesting since he is in Toronto filming a new movie [oh how amazing it would be to have achance to go up there right now to expierence any of it] while mine aren't ever to different. So if you are a movie geek like my self and a fan of Mr. Edgar Wright or you enjoy looking at those nifty 365 blogs, then check out Edgar Wright Here.

Now after writing about one of my favorite director's I figured I could include the other two that I kinda look up too. Just to get to work on anything with either of these guys would be a mind blowlingly amazing expierence. So let's start with one that I was watching last night, Kevin Smith. I had a free rental at blockbuster, so I went and rented An Evening with Kevin Smith 2 because I saw the first one a few years ago and remembered how funny it was, and I knew I needed to see this one too. So I started watching the first disc last night when he was in Toronto and I;ve already laughed so much I cried and I think I'm only half way into it and I still got disc 2 to watch. The man is just straight up funny and so fucking blunt. And either you enjoy his kind of humour, you learn to enjoy it, or you just don't, and if you are in the third category of that list, well then fuck you. Sorry, but the man is a funny mother fucker! And when it comes to his universe of movies, the man has a style of his own.

I remember the first movie I saw of his was Dogma, and I watched it with my mom who is very Catholic, so that was really interesting to watch that one with her. She thought some of it was funny, but she was pretty offended (which made it even more the better). Then my friend Will let me borrow Clerks and from there I started getting into the whole ViewAskewniverse, watched all of his movies, and came to the conclusion that this man is genius, oh and that my favorite movie of his Mallratz (even though now I'm kinda leaning towards Zack and Miri Make a Porno).

The other director I was gonna talk about is Tarantino, and I was all excited about talking more about him, but I just got home from babysitting and I'm kinda out of the mood to continue writting about this. Not that I don't want to, it's just that I was really only writting this because there was nothing on tv at all to watch, and now that I'm home I can finish watching An Evening with Kevin Smith. So I leave you with this...

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