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Thursday, March 12, 2009

words i tweet the most...

Something that I have been doing for a while that seems to be picking up in popularity is Twitter. I picked it up from my friend Amber, who I know was twittering way before Ashton, Diddy, and Britney ever were. But any way, I found this nifty site where you can make your own art. No what exactly is the art your making, well it takes all the words you use when you tweet and throws them all together, and the more you use the word, the bigger it is! Well, I made mine, and that's what I have up there for you. It's called Wordle and you don't have to have a twitter to make these, it looks like you make any wordle with any words you want {oh the possiblities}. So if you get bored and want something fun to do, go and check out wordle and make a couple! It might be more fun then you think.

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