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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smashing the classics...

I came across something today that had me in hysterics. I was watching the "mashups" on youtube (what is a "mashup" well those are the fake trailer's people have done, either taking scenes from one movie and putting it to a trailer for another movie). The first one I saw was cute, funny, but I was not laughing as hard as I was with the third one I watched. So I give you first, the one that had me rolling on the floor (not really, if I had done that my computer would be thrown on the floor and suffered because of it).

Watchmen: World Police
It really doesn't get funny till the end. If you have seen Team America, then you should find it hysterical!

These are the one's I watched the I actually fancied and figured I would share. I would warn about the ones that aren't done well, but these ones that follow were done with care and deserve to be watched. Enjoy!

Henson's 11

Watchmen and Wall-E

The Dark Knight/Toy Story 2

Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to Be Review

So now to the review of the film (bare with me because I have never really done an actual movie review before. You would think that since I love movies the way I do that I would have at least once, but I really haven't.)

Did I like it? Absolutely! It was really well done, and the story is something that I think any one can relate too. The film follows Art (Robert Pattinson) and his small adventures in trying to solve his problems and patch up his life. The movie starts out after his girlfriend breaks-up with him and kicks him out of their place. Art ends up moving back into his parents place, which only opens up even more problems for Art. His parents are more involved with themselves and their work, rather then their son, which makes Art's journey more difficult. Were quickly introduced to his two friends Ronny (Johnny White) and Nikki (Mike Pearce), two completely different personalities that end up adding color to this dark comedy. After Art tries to talk to his friends about his issues in hopes of finding some solutions and only finding more issues to add on to the already growing ones, he turns to a self help book by Canadian author Dr. Levi Ellington (Powell Jones). After reading the book, Art finds himself in the position to contact the author for more advice and help. Dr. Ellington decides that his presence is needed and Art pays for Dr. Ellington to fly to London. When the Doctor arrives, he tries to help Art, but all it ends up doing is making matters worse.

Ok, now I know that wasn't the review. That was me attempting to write a summary with out giving away to much, how'd I do? Well, now that you now what the movie was about, here's me opinion.

The movie reminded me of Amelie in certain ways. Even though How to Be is more on the opposite spectrum of someone trying to find themselves compared to Amelie, but I can still see similarities, in not just the two movies, but in the cinematography too. It may seem like an out there theory, but both characters are trying to find themselves, one is doing this by helping others, while Art is trying to do this with the people around him. Each of the quirky characters' has their short, unique introduction into why they are the way they are (wait till you see Ronnie's). Amelie had similar style when introducing characters with the things in life that gave them joy and the things they hated. And in how the two share similar effects in the actual look of the film, How to Be had great effects with color tints, which I really liked (the opening sequence, along with the first time Art drives the Camaro). Those shots just had me thinking of Amelie after I saw them (maybe not exactly, because I can't remember there ever being a scene from Amelie like those ones).

I could probably go further with my whole Amelie comparison, but I feel like I'm writing more of a paper for school rather then a review. And I have more respect for a movie, like How to Be, to be talking about some other movie. WOW! I should not right reviews. Haha.

Let's talk about the movie its' self. I thought it was really well written and very well done. Like I said earlier, I really liked the use of color and the way the scenes were shot when revealing the pasts of the other characters. The pacing of the movie was also really well done, I didn't feel like I had been sitting there watching a movie. I don't know how else to say it, because well done and good don't just cut it for how much I really liked this movie! Uh, I really wish I could write a better review (this is also why I tend to not write them), but I to much respect for this movie to not write about it. I really want to get more people out there to see it, especially after meeting the guys (who worked very hard to make this), I think more people SHOULD give it a chance.

I knew I was going to have to talk about this at some point, because he is the reason why the movie is getting so much attention now as it is, but Robert Pattinson, was pretty great as Art. He was relatable and it seemed like it came very easy for him to portray such a distraught character (I wouldn't say he was so much depresed, but just unsure and frustrated with his life so far, if he was really depresed, well that is just another positive about the movie, because it didn't come across that way). The other reason Pattinson did such a great job with this character also has to do with his supporting cast. From the two friends, Ronnie and Nikki, to his perverse, mindless parents, and the optimistic but foolish Dr. Ellington. Each of these actors brings so much to the table when portraying these very unqie characters and with them, along with Pattinson, and how well done Oliver Irving did with writing and directing the film makes for one amazing movie that should be seen! Not all great movies need to have huge budgets or star studded casts. Even if Pattinson wasn't as big as he is right now, I still believe that movie should be seen!

And I'm hoping you guys go see it! I know it's coming out on Demand this month so to get more information on where to watch check out the offical website!

I don't know if I did the film any justice with this "review" (I don't even know if calling this a review is the right thing either) but I tried. Like I said I enjoyed the movie to much not to say something, so if you understood or even enjoyed my attempt to talk about this film give it a chance and let me know what you thought!

I did something a little crazy!

I decided to nominate this little blog for the Bloggers Choice Awards. Now I know I have no chance of winning (there are so many other amazing blogs out there that are far more better and deserve to win) but I thought it might be a simple way to get my blog out into the world more. I am really trying, I'm just taking baby steps, I've never really wanted to put this out there, but I am having more fun writing here that I kinda want to be able to share it with more people! So, for the few who read this blog, if you have the time, I nominated the blog for a couple categories, and I'd love it if I could walk away from the awards with more then one vote (from me, haha). If you can, THANKS, and if you can't, I totally understand you guys are busy, I love you any way for even coming on here and reading! So THANKS!
My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff! My site was nominated for Best Hobby Blog!

And so I leave you on this note, it may be a sad one, but I'm trying to pull your heart strings so you can go vote for me (hahaha, let me know if it works)...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bahaha totally been thinking this already!

It was funny back in high school, and even now, I would joke about how Forever 21 needs to come up with a plus size line now and call it Forever 22. Haha, people thought it was a pretty good idea and now...they seem to be coming out with a plus size line now called...

Yeah, true fact! May 1st is when it officially launches, so for you more full figured ladies out there (including me) we now have a new line to look forward too! So check out Faith 22 (even though it kinda sounds like a new church or something that has to do with religion, haha).

You wanna see something really scary?

I came home from hanging out at the beach and the mall. After I finished trying to eat my crap dinner, I turned on the TV and found one of the best movies ever! I remember watching it as a kid sometimes, even getting to watch the original bits from the TV show were always fun to watch. If you don't know what it is that I am talking about, I'm speaking of the Twilight Zone the movie. I always like watching it whenever it's on TV (not sure if it's out on DVD). This is one of the scariest bits from the TV show, kinda scared the crap out of me as a kid too:

Yeah, remember that scene from the Matrix, yeah, totally ripped it off from this movie. The other really scary, but AWESOME bit of this movie is the Nightmare at 20000 Feet. John Lithgow did such a great job reinventing the role that William Shatner created.

I kinda enjoy the 80's version over the original. The creature is way more scarier (and I was gripping the chair with how freaked out I was when he shook his finger), look at John Lithgow, the man really is at the top of his game right here (maybe this isn't the best example, but he still did a remarkable job), and of course the ending is awesome. Totally goes full circle with Dan Aykroyd back in. "Want to see something really scary?"

"...I Love Credence."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let's go back.

I decided to go back and start reading snippets from my previous blogs and the one thing I miss is how short I kept them. Did you see how long my last one was? Not that it needed to be short (I was talking about a two day road trip and all the shenanigans I got into with my friends) but it was still really long. So I'm gonna try and go back to my previous blog style. Oh, and continue to talk about movies! I know the last one was about a movie, but the ones before that really weren't so definitely need to start that back again!

And on that note, I bring you this! I'm sure you have seen it, but I get SO excited watching this!

I don't know what it is about the trailer, but I am just to excited to finally see this. I think it has a lot to do with that it is bringing me back to my childhood and the music they choose for the trailer (if you can tell me what the music is I think I would love you).

Monday, April 20, 2009

Choking on Dust

I know I still need to write about the road trip I took a couple weeks ago to Georgia and South Carolina, but I just got back from another little road trip that needs to be blogged about in case any one who reads this wants to go see this film! A few of my friends had gone and seen this little indie flick over a month ago up in Alabama called How To Be. Since they got back, all they talked about was how funny the movie ended up being and that overall it was a great movie. So it was great to hear that the film was going on tour with some of the cast and the director/writer and fortunately we got lucky and they would be making two stops in the SUNSHINE STATE!

Last Friday, I was supposed to meet up at Amber's by 5, but since traffic was pretty bad and I left the house late (had to print out my receipt for my ticket and then print out the wrong directions, haha, I'll explain that) I didn't get to her place till 20 after. We ended up taking my car, so we tried our best to avoid traffic going to pick up Leilani at her house. After we picked her up, my car was packed, with Amber, Katie, and Jen in the back seat, Leilani as DJ/Navigator/Passenger, and me driving like I stole it or at least trying to. Not an easy thing to do with traffic being backed up and people trying to kill us. We eventually got on the road a little after 7, not good for us since it takes about an hour and half to drive to Deland (for me it does). It sucked, why did it have to be in Deland? If it had been in Orlando, we could have made it on time, but since it was outside of Orlando we were definitely gonna be late. Once we got to the exit, I made the wrong turn (the directions forgot to mention if it was A or B of that exit), so we turned around, started heading the right direction. Now here is where it get's exciting/dangerous/funny/me being stupid. The road ended up being only one lane and we got stuck behind a semi truck, so upon request, and since it was clear I tried to go around the semi. Were coming out a curve so he was going very slow and figured I could pull a fast one and get around him since he was going so slow. So i checked to make sure no one was coming, it was clear so I pulled around, going as fast I could, but a car had turned on the same road so I had to speed up just to make it now. With in those maybe 5 seconds I had Leilani screaming uncontrollably (freaking me out), and beyond her screaming I don't know what the three people in the back were doing. Hahahaha, it really is funny to think about now, especially hearing what was going in the back seat and what they were thinking. Any way, I reved my engine a the last second (maybe not) and got past the semi and without hitting the other car. (And thinking bout it, I had a back up plan, I figured if the car was to close I would slow back down and get back behind the semi.)

Haha, any way, we finally made it to the area. Except the directions I had printed out were wrong. Instead of checking the address after I Googled the theater; I just figured it would be the right one after I Googled Athens Theatre Deland, FL, I mean seriously, how many Athens Theatres could there be in that one little red neck town? Well, apparently, there are more then one (at least to Google there is) and we were directed to the wrong one. But luckily, the actual theater was only a couple blocks away, and we finally made it to the theater only an hour into the film.

So we ran up the steps (and by passed the bathrooms) to go up to the balcony to finish watching the last 20 minutes of the film. And even though the last 20 minutes were good, I still wanted to be able to see ALL of it. Any way, the lights came up and we were introduced to Johnny (played Ronnie), Mike (played Nick), Joe (composer), and Oliver (director/writer). The Q&A began and so did the Rob questions (so annoying), but a few people actually asked some pretty good questions, while there were a hand full that left me scratching my head, wanting to punch that person for asking it (Was this a fluff film or did you actually make it to have a point?).

After the Q&A, the guys stayed around to meet everyone (at least as many people as they could) and answer questions. But there was quite a crowd waiting for them, so we decided we would just wait till things calmed down, and make fun of the the TwiMoms we saw and who ever else we could think to laugh at for the way they were acting. But, after a while, the guys had to leave and not everyone was able to get to meet them, including my friend Katie who was cock blocked by a few of the women there. Which was bullshit! So we left and started driving back towards the west coast, but made a stop in Orlando to get a bite to eat a Denny's. Had some funny with Leilani in the parking lot, hahaha. Once we let her in the car, we got back on the interstate and headed home.

The next day I woke up around 12:30 so I could leave on time and get to Amber's without being late. And, luckily I got there only a minute late! But after we picked up Leilani, we didn't get on the road till 3. But, the phrase of the day for me to get there in time was "Drive Like You Stole It." And it worked! It was a 4 and half hour drive up to Tallahassee, so not being able to get on the road by 2 sucked, but since I did end up driving like I stole it we ended up making it to FSU in just enough time, 15 minutes to spare! So we got in, picked out our seats and I got to enjoy the entire move!

After the movie was over, the guys came back out to do a Q&A with the crowd and luckily this time, no one asked about Robert Pattinson! Some really interesting questions were asked, nothing ridiculous like from the previous night. And since there weren't a whole lot of people surrounding the guys tonight, we were able to get up and talk to them, get pictures and such. It got a little annoying because I line started forming in front of me just to talk Mike, while the other guys were just kinda standing around, so I politely asked if I could move past that line so I could talk to Johnnie and Joe. Amber and I talked to them for a bit (Leilani said we were getting daggers behind us the entire time, haha, whatever I'm a friendly person who can talk to any one) and they were really interesting! Ended up talking about coming up to see the movie twice, how we only caught the last 20 minutes the previous night, road trips, Val, how great Florida can be (but how insane the heat is in the summer), and other random stuff. Really cool guys. Amber and I got our tickets from the Deland show signed and got a couple pictures with them too. After talking to them we went and talked to Oliver for a bit. I kinda thought I made a dork out of myself so my steam for being able to talk to any one went away pretty quickly, hahaha. I tried to explain how the film reminded me of Amelie, but I just ended up confusing myself and probably confusing him too. (Once I finish writing my review of the movie, I'll have a real explanation of my Amelie comparison. Because I really thought about it after I got home, and I'm sticking by what I came up with.)

When we left FSU, we went and filled up my tank, headed to the BK Lounge to get a bite to eat and then back on the long road home. But it was funny how the drive back seemed shorter then the drive up to Tally. I didn't even drive as fast as I had going up to Tally, but it still seemed way shorter. We even ended up getting home earlier then we did the other night. But both nights were still a whole lot of fun!

So if you get a chance to see How To Be take the chance and go and see it! It's a really great movie, with a very talented cast. They deserve the credit for making such a great movie with having tons of people going to see it! I know it is getting ready to go be on Demand, so if you can't make it to see it at a theater, you'll be able to watch it at home. And then I believe it will be coming out on DVD sometime in August. If you have any other questions, where to check the movie out, to find out where you can watch it when it comes out on Demand you can check out the official website for How To Be.

Two Days Down and Only One to Go...

Well not really. I had two more days, but since I only had four more stores to go to and they were all local I decided I would get them all in one day! It sucked that Hannah wasn't able to go with me to these last few stores. She had work the basketball tournament that was going on over in Tampa, and I don't blame her, she ended banking after her four days of working the tournament. So after I dropped her after our second day of the treasure hunt, I kept her passport with me so I could go around to the stores and still get it stamped. Then I thought it would be fun to ask my mom if she would like to come with me to these last four stores and we could kinda have a mother/daughter day! She was for it, but the day before she had to say "We'll see if it happens or not." Come on! Why wouldn't it happen? Any way, I proved to her that I still like to hang out with her and we can have fun!

Mom wanted to go by here first, so before we went in we walked up to Publix to get a bite to eat. I had to buy Mom some Girl Scout cookies since I ate hers so I ended up buying some from the little stand that was set up in front of the grocery store. Once we got our food, we started walking back to the store so we could start our adventure! Now, it's a little hard to not have preference when it comes to Whim-So-Doodle and how much I love the store. It's the store I always go to when I need new scrapbooking supplies or want to browse the recently stocked aisles of paper. So we both browsed today, I tried to stay under a budget, but still looking for anything cute! Mom wanted something specific for her students to make for St. Patrick's Day. We picked up our Take'N'Makes and she was nice enough to make sure Hannah's passport was stamped too. $8.57

Took us a little longer then needed to get to the next store, even though it was really close by, but mom always says she is just taking the scenic route, even though she really is just lost. Finally got to the store, mom continued to look for her St. Patrick's embellishments, while I just browsed the store's aisles. I had heard about this store for a while too, but I just never got the chance to head out their old location, and even when I found out it had moved, I still never remembered to head that way and check the store out. So, I'm pretty sure I'll be making rounds to this store more, maybe after I check out Whim-So-Doodle one day, just hope on Central and drive down to Scrapbooking in Paradise! $10.00

Once we left St. Pete we made our way up to Largo. This is another store that I had even driven by years ago and thought about stopping in and seeing what they had. I never did though and for a good reason. It's not that it was a bad store, it was still nice and plenty to offer, but it seemed a little expensive for what they had, and it was disapointing to not see a whole lot. They did have a pretty large stamp area, but since I'm not really into stamping as much I guess I didn't really like it to much. The people who ran the store were very polite and nice, so I think I would still go back if I was in the area or needed more of a selection of supplies rather then going to a craft store. $7.29

After this store, we decided we would get a bite to eat at a local resteraunt that we used to go to a lot when I went to school up in the area. It had been a while since we had eatin there, so it was kinda nice to be there after so long.

Once we left the resteraunt we kinda had to hurry to get up to Palm Harbor before the last store closed. I was a little worried, because I didn't think lunch would have taken so long, but we beat traffic, a couple wrong turns, and we finally made it. Got to talk to an old friend of mine from high school! I hadn't talked to her since she graduated, so it was a lot of fun getting to chat up with her and talk about what we had been up to latley. Ended up spending to much time in the store, but we weren't the only ones. Ruban Rouge was another really nice store, which is why I ended up taking so much time! It was huge and had OH SO much to look at and consider! I seriously can't wait to be able to go back up there and shop around for a bit! Such a GREAT store! $9.00

Now let's break all this down! Over a three day span, I spent $16 on gas (Hannah paid for half and mom did all the driving on the third day), only spent maybe $15 on food, and even though I was only supposed to spend at least $60 I ended up spending a grand total of...$101.54. Yeah, I was only supposed to spend between $60 and $70, yet I spend this much! So in total I ended up spending $132.54, eh, take that back, $142.54 (I forgot the $10 I had to pay to sign up). Wow, laying it all out like that really puts how much I spent into perspective. Haha, but it was still fun and I will probably do it next year.

Hannah already said that she would like to, so I'm sure we will, but maybe will get a couple more people to join us and it will be even more of an adventure!

PS...the contests are over and unfortunately I didn't win anything, haha.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And this makes me want to go on a drastic diet!

I can't remember where I found this blog, but it has to be the funniest, grossest blog I have ever seen. The pictures on here just plain ridiculous, but supposedly people actually consume (or attempt to consume) all this food. Some of the food is just disgusting to imagine even being made, but some of it is pretty funny.

Deep Fried Cadbury Egg

The Thunderdome
Three stacks of bacon, sausage, elk meat, onions and cheese between tortillas all topped with sour cream, two fried eggs and scallions.

I tried to stay away from the ones that make you go "YUCK" or "EEEEWWWWWW" because there are a few on there that do that. And some that make you scratch your head and wonder who actually concocted such nastiness.

But I am bringing this up because I know everyone has seen those nasty looking meals that you would never try or hear about those outrageous snacks you hear about when you got to the fair (fried Snickers and Twinkies) and since This Is Why Your Fat is getting a book deal (CONGRATS!) I wanted to let you guys know about it! You can submit pictures of strange food concoctions that you have come across and it could get published! It sorta reminds me of Post Secret or Found books, so if you want your chance to be a part of this unique collection head on over TIWYF to read up on how to submit YOUR pictures!

Taco Town Taco
Saturday Night Live-inspired: crunchy beef taco with nacho cheese, lettuce, tomato and southwestern sauce wrapped in a soft flour tortilla with a layer of refried beans in between, then wrapped in a corn tortilla with a layer of Monterey Jack cheese in a deep fried gordita shell with guacamole sauce baked in a corn husk topped with pico de gallo, wrapped in a crepe, filled with egg, griere cheese, sausage and portobello mushrooms, all wrapped in a chicago-style deep dish pizza wrapped in a blueberry pancake and finally deep fried with spicy vegetarian chili dipping sauce.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Aaarrrrrr you serious! They got ice cream sangwhices!

Day two of three of the Tampa Bay Scrapbook Treasure Hunt! Hours were a little different today since it was Sunday, but we started our day off as early as we could, heading up to Hannah's apartment before going to any of the stores, but it seemed to work out since two of the stores were practically down the road from where she lives! We were a little late with our schedule since it took us a few u-turns to finally find the first store! Couldn't find the side street because there really was no sign to be seen from the road (it was behind a tree), but we got there with a little patience, a mix I had made the night before, and of course Hannah's GPS on her phone.

Once we finally found the store, went in a started shopping! I knew I had to be careful today though since I totally went over my budget from yesterday. So I limited my self from buying a bunch of paper, to just one or two pieces, and a couple embellishments that I could find for a project. Hannah was mainly shopping for a friend who just had a baby, but I ended up picking up whatever I caught my eye. And this store had plenty of little things to pick-up, plus tons of paper! Oh, the tons of paper they had. Hannah is pretty lucky to have such a nice store close to her. She'll be able to get more into this whole scrap booking thing. $5.17

Even though we spent a little to much time in the first store, we got pretty lucky since the second store we needed to go to was only a couple minutes away. We were a little skeptical about where we were headed, but I decided to keep moving forward, and we finally found the store tucked into a big plaza off of Dale Mabry. Really cute idea to have a combination store, both for scrap booking and sewing. Definitely need to bring my mom back to this store. It was really cute, not a whole lot to the scrapbook section, but then again it was a small store, so it was split down the middle. I even was lucky and found some Wizard of Oz material! $7.66

Scrapbook Fanatics

So while we were in the last store I made sure to stick to our time limit because we had to drive all the way up tp Hudson for our next stop. I had a really good plan to get all the stores that were really to far of a drive for us done first. So even though traffic got a little bad once church was getting out, but I hurried us up to Hudson since Hannah had be back in St. Pete by 4 today, so she could get to work on time (she was really late yesterday). The entire drive up to the Northen part of the county I was thinking of a way to get to at least four stores today, and I came to the conclusion that if we only spent 10 minutes in the next store we would be able to make to one more store for the day. I promised Hannah we would be back in Pinellas County either by 3:30 or at a store close enough to our houses so she could be home on time (she didn't think I could do it). $6.99

Got to the third store pretty quickly, so we were all excited to get in and out and on our way. Till we got in the store and realized how small it was! It wasn't a bad store, not like the last one we went to the day before, but REALLY small, and not a whole lot to really choose from. I mean I tried, but I actually had some trouble picking out what all I wanted. Hannah wasn't able to spend $5 worth, and they wouldn't let us combine our totals. Lame.

As soon as we got out of the last store, I booked it down Veterans. At the last minute, I changed my mind and decided instead of heading to Palm Harbor we would go check out a store I had heard about before over on Westshore Blvd. So, I got off Veterans to get on Westshore and continued to book it till we found the store. And once we parked and got inside, the first thing I noticed was the fact that they had hockey paper! And not only did they have hockey paper, but the had LIGHTNING paper! How lame is it for me to be getting all excited over paper, hahaha. The store was really cute too, and BIG! I've heard about the store for a while now, I just never remembered to go and check it out while I was in Tampa. But I think after visiting this store, I have a new store to check out every now and then! Not to mention, before we left we got some delicious ice cream sangwiches! $10.60

Day Three Coming Soon...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Lonely Island Production...

Next to I'M ON A BOAT, this is probably the second greatest song on the album!

Friday, April 3, 2009

X does not mark the spot...

It marks the line where I signed my name on every receipt from doing this scavenger hunt! So even though I know I went WAY over my budget, the four days of this Scrapbook Treasure Hunt was still so much fun. Hannah and I were the only ones (out of the group of girls I invited) to sign up for the hunt, but instead of taking the option of getting on the Treasure Hunt bus, we decided to plan out out trip. Not only because we couldn't afford the bus, but Hannah had work the two days it was offered and needed to be at the Forum by 4 on both days (the bus went till 6). So I planned out everything, but in the end, no matter how hard I thought it over, Hannah wasn't really able to go to all 12 stores, but the 8 stores we did go to together we had a whole lot of fun!

Made for Memories

Woke up early to get a head start on the hour drive down to Sarasota. Still ended up being a little late, but once we got there we were totally ready for whatever came our way. Till we got inside the store and realized just how many people we would encounter! The store was a pretty good size, but with all the people that were in there, it became very cramped! And since it was the first store, I wasn't thinking to much at how much I was picking up or spending, so once I finally checked out, I had a big suprise waiting for me on the register display. $21.44

K2 Scrapbook Studio

Ended up spending a little to much time at the first store, mostly because that bus was also at the same store and the line to check out was very long. At the next store we had a time limit to how long we stayed, so that we could try and get back on the schedule I had planned out. K2 was such a cute store though. Small but still so cute! Wish I could have stuck around a little bit longer to really get to look at everything in there, but to our luck, there was a second bus that was at this store too. Which meant another long line. $9.72


But we stuck to our plan and got out of the last store quick! And back on the road to head up to Lakeland. Didn't seem like we had been on the road for another hour and half, but that was how long it was supposed to take. We did hit a bit of snag though getting on to I75 East since the Strawberry Festival was going on and everyone and their mother was going to that today. Did I mention how beautiful the day was? It was probably the first time the sun was out and the weather was warm, definitely no longer winter!

Even though traffic was annoying for a bit, we still made it to Violette's on time! And another cute store too. Big too! Walked in and couldn't believe how many different rooms there were full of scrapbook supplies. Picked up our charm for our beads we were wearing. There trinkets were pretty nifty too. It was jewelry like, but made with a melted embossing liquid, really cute. $7.31


Drove down to Brandon next and were happy to be out of the way of that bus and all the people who were on it. We were actually able to get in and check out in a reasonable time limit. The next store that we were at though wasn't as nice as the previous stores. It was actually pretty shabby looking. The store was big, but it just was not set up nice and they weren't really consistent with what they had to offer in the store. And part of the store was jsut full of old shelves that they were no longer using, just kinda piled around. Not the best way to make a good impression. $7.51

Day 2 Coming Soon...
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