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Friday, April 10, 2009

Aaarrrrrr you serious! They got ice cream sangwhices!

Day two of three of the Tampa Bay Scrapbook Treasure Hunt! Hours were a little different today since it was Sunday, but we started our day off as early as we could, heading up to Hannah's apartment before going to any of the stores, but it seemed to work out since two of the stores were practically down the road from where she lives! We were a little late with our schedule since it took us a few u-turns to finally find the first store! Couldn't find the side street because there really was no sign to be seen from the road (it was behind a tree), but we got there with a little patience, a mix I had made the night before, and of course Hannah's GPS on her phone.

Once we finally found the store, went in a started shopping! I knew I had to be careful today though since I totally went over my budget from yesterday. So I limited my self from buying a bunch of paper, to just one or two pieces, and a couple embellishments that I could find for a project. Hannah was mainly shopping for a friend who just had a baby, but I ended up picking up whatever I caught my eye. And this store had plenty of little things to pick-up, plus tons of paper! Oh, the tons of paper they had. Hannah is pretty lucky to have such a nice store close to her. She'll be able to get more into this whole scrap booking thing. $5.17

Even though we spent a little to much time in the first store, we got pretty lucky since the second store we needed to go to was only a couple minutes away. We were a little skeptical about where we were headed, but I decided to keep moving forward, and we finally found the store tucked into a big plaza off of Dale Mabry. Really cute idea to have a combination store, both for scrap booking and sewing. Definitely need to bring my mom back to this store. It was really cute, not a whole lot to the scrapbook section, but then again it was a small store, so it was split down the middle. I even was lucky and found some Wizard of Oz material! $7.66

Scrapbook Fanatics

So while we were in the last store I made sure to stick to our time limit because we had to drive all the way up tp Hudson for our next stop. I had a really good plan to get all the stores that were really to far of a drive for us done first. So even though traffic got a little bad once church was getting out, but I hurried us up to Hudson since Hannah had be back in St. Pete by 4 today, so she could get to work on time (she was really late yesterday). The entire drive up to the Northen part of the county I was thinking of a way to get to at least four stores today, and I came to the conclusion that if we only spent 10 minutes in the next store we would be able to make to one more store for the day. I promised Hannah we would be back in Pinellas County either by 3:30 or at a store close enough to our houses so she could be home on time (she didn't think I could do it). $6.99

Got to the third store pretty quickly, so we were all excited to get in and out and on our way. Till we got in the store and realized how small it was! It wasn't a bad store, not like the last one we went to the day before, but REALLY small, and not a whole lot to really choose from. I mean I tried, but I actually had some trouble picking out what all I wanted. Hannah wasn't able to spend $5 worth, and they wouldn't let us combine our totals. Lame.

As soon as we got out of the last store, I booked it down Veterans. At the last minute, I changed my mind and decided instead of heading to Palm Harbor we would go check out a store I had heard about before over on Westshore Blvd. So, I got off Veterans to get on Westshore and continued to book it till we found the store. And once we parked and got inside, the first thing I noticed was the fact that they had hockey paper! And not only did they have hockey paper, but the had LIGHTNING paper! How lame is it for me to be getting all excited over paper, hahaha. The store was really cute too, and BIG! I've heard about the store for a while now, I just never remembered to go and check it out while I was in Tampa. But I think after visiting this store, I have a new store to check out every now and then! Not to mention, before we left we got some delicious ice cream sangwiches! $10.60

Day Three Coming Soon...

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