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Monday, April 20, 2009

Choking on Dust

I know I still need to write about the road trip I took a couple weeks ago to Georgia and South Carolina, but I just got back from another little road trip that needs to be blogged about in case any one who reads this wants to go see this film! A few of my friends had gone and seen this little indie flick over a month ago up in Alabama called How To Be. Since they got back, all they talked about was how funny the movie ended up being and that overall it was a great movie. So it was great to hear that the film was going on tour with some of the cast and the director/writer and fortunately we got lucky and they would be making two stops in the SUNSHINE STATE!

Last Friday, I was supposed to meet up at Amber's by 5, but since traffic was pretty bad and I left the house late (had to print out my receipt for my ticket and then print out the wrong directions, haha, I'll explain that) I didn't get to her place till 20 after. We ended up taking my car, so we tried our best to avoid traffic going to pick up Leilani at her house. After we picked her up, my car was packed, with Amber, Katie, and Jen in the back seat, Leilani as DJ/Navigator/Passenger, and me driving like I stole it or at least trying to. Not an easy thing to do with traffic being backed up and people trying to kill us. We eventually got on the road a little after 7, not good for us since it takes about an hour and half to drive to Deland (for me it does). It sucked, why did it have to be in Deland? If it had been in Orlando, we could have made it on time, but since it was outside of Orlando we were definitely gonna be late. Once we got to the exit, I made the wrong turn (the directions forgot to mention if it was A or B of that exit), so we turned around, started heading the right direction. Now here is where it get's exciting/dangerous/funny/me being stupid. The road ended up being only one lane and we got stuck behind a semi truck, so upon request, and since it was clear I tried to go around the semi. Were coming out a curve so he was going very slow and figured I could pull a fast one and get around him since he was going so slow. So i checked to make sure no one was coming, it was clear so I pulled around, going as fast I could, but a car had turned on the same road so I had to speed up just to make it now. With in those maybe 5 seconds I had Leilani screaming uncontrollably (freaking me out), and beyond her screaming I don't know what the three people in the back were doing. Hahahaha, it really is funny to think about now, especially hearing what was going in the back seat and what they were thinking. Any way, I reved my engine a the last second (maybe not) and got past the semi and without hitting the other car. (And thinking bout it, I had a back up plan, I figured if the car was to close I would slow back down and get back behind the semi.)

Haha, any way, we finally made it to the area. Except the directions I had printed out were wrong. Instead of checking the address after I Googled the theater; I just figured it would be the right one after I Googled Athens Theatre Deland, FL, I mean seriously, how many Athens Theatres could there be in that one little red neck town? Well, apparently, there are more then one (at least to Google there is) and we were directed to the wrong one. But luckily, the actual theater was only a couple blocks away, and we finally made it to the theater only an hour into the film.

So we ran up the steps (and by passed the bathrooms) to go up to the balcony to finish watching the last 20 minutes of the film. And even though the last 20 minutes were good, I still wanted to be able to see ALL of it. Any way, the lights came up and we were introduced to Johnny (played Ronnie), Mike (played Nick), Joe (composer), and Oliver (director/writer). The Q&A began and so did the Rob questions (so annoying), but a few people actually asked some pretty good questions, while there were a hand full that left me scratching my head, wanting to punch that person for asking it (Was this a fluff film or did you actually make it to have a point?).

After the Q&A, the guys stayed around to meet everyone (at least as many people as they could) and answer questions. But there was quite a crowd waiting for them, so we decided we would just wait till things calmed down, and make fun of the the TwiMoms we saw and who ever else we could think to laugh at for the way they were acting. But, after a while, the guys had to leave and not everyone was able to get to meet them, including my friend Katie who was cock blocked by a few of the women there. Which was bullshit! So we left and started driving back towards the west coast, but made a stop in Orlando to get a bite to eat a Denny's. Had some funny with Leilani in the parking lot, hahaha. Once we let her in the car, we got back on the interstate and headed home.

The next day I woke up around 12:30 so I could leave on time and get to Amber's without being late. And, luckily I got there only a minute late! But after we picked up Leilani, we didn't get on the road till 3. But, the phrase of the day for me to get there in time was "Drive Like You Stole It." And it worked! It was a 4 and half hour drive up to Tallahassee, so not being able to get on the road by 2 sucked, but since I did end up driving like I stole it we ended up making it to FSU in just enough time, 15 minutes to spare! So we got in, picked out our seats and I got to enjoy the entire move!

After the movie was over, the guys came back out to do a Q&A with the crowd and luckily this time, no one asked about Robert Pattinson! Some really interesting questions were asked, nothing ridiculous like from the previous night. And since there weren't a whole lot of people surrounding the guys tonight, we were able to get up and talk to them, get pictures and such. It got a little annoying because I line started forming in front of me just to talk Mike, while the other guys were just kinda standing around, so I politely asked if I could move past that line so I could talk to Johnnie and Joe. Amber and I talked to them for a bit (Leilani said we were getting daggers behind us the entire time, haha, whatever I'm a friendly person who can talk to any one) and they were really interesting! Ended up talking about coming up to see the movie twice, how we only caught the last 20 minutes the previous night, road trips, Val, how great Florida can be (but how insane the heat is in the summer), and other random stuff. Really cool guys. Amber and I got our tickets from the Deland show signed and got a couple pictures with them too. After talking to them we went and talked to Oliver for a bit. I kinda thought I made a dork out of myself so my steam for being able to talk to any one went away pretty quickly, hahaha. I tried to explain how the film reminded me of Amelie, but I just ended up confusing myself and probably confusing him too. (Once I finish writing my review of the movie, I'll have a real explanation of my Amelie comparison. Because I really thought about it after I got home, and I'm sticking by what I came up with.)

When we left FSU, we went and filled up my tank, headed to the BK Lounge to get a bite to eat and then back on the long road home. But it was funny how the drive back seemed shorter then the drive up to Tally. I didn't even drive as fast as I had going up to Tally, but it still seemed way shorter. We even ended up getting home earlier then we did the other night. But both nights were still a whole lot of fun!

So if you get a chance to see How To Be take the chance and go and see it! It's a really great movie, with a very talented cast. They deserve the credit for making such a great movie with having tons of people going to see it! I know it is getting ready to go be on Demand, so if you can't make it to see it at a theater, you'll be able to watch it at home. And then I believe it will be coming out on DVD sometime in August. If you have any other questions, where to check the movie out, to find out where you can watch it when it comes out on Demand you can check out the official website for How To Be.

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musingwoman said...

"He's going to make me be more normal."

Thanks for introducing me to this film. It's going on my to see soon list!

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