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Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to Be Review

So now to the review of the film (bare with me because I have never really done an actual movie review before. You would think that since I love movies the way I do that I would have at least once, but I really haven't.)

Did I like it? Absolutely! It was really well done, and the story is something that I think any one can relate too. The film follows Art (Robert Pattinson) and his small adventures in trying to solve his problems and patch up his life. The movie starts out after his girlfriend breaks-up with him and kicks him out of their place. Art ends up moving back into his parents place, which only opens up even more problems for Art. His parents are more involved with themselves and their work, rather then their son, which makes Art's journey more difficult. Were quickly introduced to his two friends Ronny (Johnny White) and Nikki (Mike Pearce), two completely different personalities that end up adding color to this dark comedy. After Art tries to talk to his friends about his issues in hopes of finding some solutions and only finding more issues to add on to the already growing ones, he turns to a self help book by Canadian author Dr. Levi Ellington (Powell Jones). After reading the book, Art finds himself in the position to contact the author for more advice and help. Dr. Ellington decides that his presence is needed and Art pays for Dr. Ellington to fly to London. When the Doctor arrives, he tries to help Art, but all it ends up doing is making matters worse.

Ok, now I know that wasn't the review. That was me attempting to write a summary with out giving away to much, how'd I do? Well, now that you now what the movie was about, here's me opinion.

The movie reminded me of Amelie in certain ways. Even though How to Be is more on the opposite spectrum of someone trying to find themselves compared to Amelie, but I can still see similarities, in not just the two movies, but in the cinematography too. It may seem like an out there theory, but both characters are trying to find themselves, one is doing this by helping others, while Art is trying to do this with the people around him. Each of the quirky characters' has their short, unique introduction into why they are the way they are (wait till you see Ronnie's). Amelie had similar style when introducing characters with the things in life that gave them joy and the things they hated. And in how the two share similar effects in the actual look of the film, How to Be had great effects with color tints, which I really liked (the opening sequence, along with the first time Art drives the Camaro). Those shots just had me thinking of Amelie after I saw them (maybe not exactly, because I can't remember there ever being a scene from Amelie like those ones).

I could probably go further with my whole Amelie comparison, but I feel like I'm writing more of a paper for school rather then a review. And I have more respect for a movie, like How to Be, to be talking about some other movie. WOW! I should not right reviews. Haha.

Let's talk about the movie its' self. I thought it was really well written and very well done. Like I said earlier, I really liked the use of color and the way the scenes were shot when revealing the pasts of the other characters. The pacing of the movie was also really well done, I didn't feel like I had been sitting there watching a movie. I don't know how else to say it, because well done and good don't just cut it for how much I really liked this movie! Uh, I really wish I could write a better review (this is also why I tend to not write them), but I to much respect for this movie to not write about it. I really want to get more people out there to see it, especially after meeting the guys (who worked very hard to make this), I think more people SHOULD give it a chance.

I knew I was going to have to talk about this at some point, because he is the reason why the movie is getting so much attention now as it is, but Robert Pattinson, was pretty great as Art. He was relatable and it seemed like it came very easy for him to portray such a distraught character (I wouldn't say he was so much depresed, but just unsure and frustrated with his life so far, if he was really depresed, well that is just another positive about the movie, because it didn't come across that way). The other reason Pattinson did such a great job with this character also has to do with his supporting cast. From the two friends, Ronnie and Nikki, to his perverse, mindless parents, and the optimistic but foolish Dr. Ellington. Each of these actors brings so much to the table when portraying these very unqie characters and with them, along with Pattinson, and how well done Oliver Irving did with writing and directing the film makes for one amazing movie that should be seen! Not all great movies need to have huge budgets or star studded casts. Even if Pattinson wasn't as big as he is right now, I still believe that movie should be seen!

And I'm hoping you guys go see it! I know it's coming out on Demand this month so to get more information on where to watch check out the offical website!

I don't know if I did the film any justice with this "review" (I don't even know if calling this a review is the right thing either) but I tried. Like I said I enjoyed the movie to much not to say something, so if you understood or even enjoyed my attempt to talk about this film give it a chance and let me know what you thought!


Brahmin in Boston said...

Nice for a review! Thanks for letting us know...

As for Amelie, I loved the film! So it might be a good idea for me to go and check this one out too, eh?


howboutno said...

Yeah! Like I said (or tried to explain) it is on the opposite end of the spectrum, not as happy, but it is funny! Even the parts that seemed like people shouldn't laugh at, were still funny. Let me know if you see it!

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