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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smashing the classics...

I came across something today that had me in hysterics. I was watching the "mashups" on youtube (what is a "mashup" well those are the fake trailer's people have done, either taking scenes from one movie and putting it to a trailer for another movie). The first one I saw was cute, funny, but I was not laughing as hard as I was with the third one I watched. So I give you first, the one that had me rolling on the floor (not really, if I had done that my computer would be thrown on the floor and suffered because of it).

Watchmen: World Police
It really doesn't get funny till the end. If you have seen Team America, then you should find it hysterical!

These are the one's I watched the I actually fancied and figured I would share. I would warn about the ones that aren't done well, but these ones that follow were done with care and deserve to be watched. Enjoy!

Henson's 11

Watchmen and Wall-E

The Dark Knight/Toy Story 2

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Shannon said...

Those are cute! ;)

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