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Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Days Down and Only One to Go...

Well not really. I had two more days, but since I only had four more stores to go to and they were all local I decided I would get them all in one day! It sucked that Hannah wasn't able to go with me to these last few stores. She had work the basketball tournament that was going on over in Tampa, and I don't blame her, she ended banking after her four days of working the tournament. So after I dropped her after our second day of the treasure hunt, I kept her passport with me so I could go around to the stores and still get it stamped. Then I thought it would be fun to ask my mom if she would like to come with me to these last four stores and we could kinda have a mother/daughter day! She was for it, but the day before she had to say "We'll see if it happens or not." Come on! Why wouldn't it happen? Any way, I proved to her that I still like to hang out with her and we can have fun!

Mom wanted to go by here first, so before we went in we walked up to Publix to get a bite to eat. I had to buy Mom some Girl Scout cookies since I ate hers so I ended up buying some from the little stand that was set up in front of the grocery store. Once we got our food, we started walking back to the store so we could start our adventure! Now, it's a little hard to not have preference when it comes to Whim-So-Doodle and how much I love the store. It's the store I always go to when I need new scrapbooking supplies or want to browse the recently stocked aisles of paper. So we both browsed today, I tried to stay under a budget, but still looking for anything cute! Mom wanted something specific for her students to make for St. Patrick's Day. We picked up our Take'N'Makes and she was nice enough to make sure Hannah's passport was stamped too. $8.57

Took us a little longer then needed to get to the next store, even though it was really close by, but mom always says she is just taking the scenic route, even though she really is just lost. Finally got to the store, mom continued to look for her St. Patrick's embellishments, while I just browsed the store's aisles. I had heard about this store for a while too, but I just never got the chance to head out their old location, and even when I found out it had moved, I still never remembered to head that way and check the store out. So, I'm pretty sure I'll be making rounds to this store more, maybe after I check out Whim-So-Doodle one day, just hope on Central and drive down to Scrapbooking in Paradise! $10.00

Once we left St. Pete we made our way up to Largo. This is another store that I had even driven by years ago and thought about stopping in and seeing what they had. I never did though and for a good reason. It's not that it was a bad store, it was still nice and plenty to offer, but it seemed a little expensive for what they had, and it was disapointing to not see a whole lot. They did have a pretty large stamp area, but since I'm not really into stamping as much I guess I didn't really like it to much. The people who ran the store were very polite and nice, so I think I would still go back if I was in the area or needed more of a selection of supplies rather then going to a craft store. $7.29

After this store, we decided we would get a bite to eat at a local resteraunt that we used to go to a lot when I went to school up in the area. It had been a while since we had eatin there, so it was kinda nice to be there after so long.

Once we left the resteraunt we kinda had to hurry to get up to Palm Harbor before the last store closed. I was a little worried, because I didn't think lunch would have taken so long, but we beat traffic, a couple wrong turns, and we finally made it. Got to talk to an old friend of mine from high school! I hadn't talked to her since she graduated, so it was a lot of fun getting to chat up with her and talk about what we had been up to latley. Ended up spending to much time in the store, but we weren't the only ones. Ruban Rouge was another really nice store, which is why I ended up taking so much time! It was huge and had OH SO much to look at and consider! I seriously can't wait to be able to go back up there and shop around for a bit! Such a GREAT store! $9.00

Now let's break all this down! Over a three day span, I spent $16 on gas (Hannah paid for half and mom did all the driving on the third day), only spent maybe $15 on food, and even though I was only supposed to spend at least $60 I ended up spending a grand total of...$101.54. Yeah, I was only supposed to spend between $60 and $70, yet I spend this much! So in total I ended up spending $132.54, eh, take that back, $142.54 (I forgot the $10 I had to pay to sign up). Wow, laying it all out like that really puts how much I spent into perspective. Haha, but it was still fun and I will probably do it next year.

Hannah already said that she would like to, so I'm sure we will, but maybe will get a couple more people to join us and it will be even more of an adventure!

PS...the contests are over and unfortunately I didn't win anything, haha.

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Brahmin in Boston said...

Looks like you had a really busy, enjoyable day :-)

The pic is so cute!!

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