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Friday, April 3, 2009

X does not mark the spot...

It marks the line where I signed my name on every receipt from doing this scavenger hunt! So even though I know I went WAY over my budget, the four days of this Scrapbook Treasure Hunt was still so much fun. Hannah and I were the only ones (out of the group of girls I invited) to sign up for the hunt, but instead of taking the option of getting on the Treasure Hunt bus, we decided to plan out out trip. Not only because we couldn't afford the bus, but Hannah had work the two days it was offered and needed to be at the Forum by 4 on both days (the bus went till 6). So I planned out everything, but in the end, no matter how hard I thought it over, Hannah wasn't really able to go to all 12 stores, but the 8 stores we did go to together we had a whole lot of fun!

Made for Memories

Woke up early to get a head start on the hour drive down to Sarasota. Still ended up being a little late, but once we got there we were totally ready for whatever came our way. Till we got inside the store and realized just how many people we would encounter! The store was a pretty good size, but with all the people that were in there, it became very cramped! And since it was the first store, I wasn't thinking to much at how much I was picking up or spending, so once I finally checked out, I had a big suprise waiting for me on the register display. $21.44

K2 Scrapbook Studio

Ended up spending a little to much time at the first store, mostly because that bus was also at the same store and the line to check out was very long. At the next store we had a time limit to how long we stayed, so that we could try and get back on the schedule I had planned out. K2 was such a cute store though. Small but still so cute! Wish I could have stuck around a little bit longer to really get to look at everything in there, but to our luck, there was a second bus that was at this store too. Which meant another long line. $9.72


But we stuck to our plan and got out of the last store quick! And back on the road to head up to Lakeland. Didn't seem like we had been on the road for another hour and half, but that was how long it was supposed to take. We did hit a bit of snag though getting on to I75 East since the Strawberry Festival was going on and everyone and their mother was going to that today. Did I mention how beautiful the day was? It was probably the first time the sun was out and the weather was warm, definitely no longer winter!

Even though traffic was annoying for a bit, we still made it to Violette's on time! And another cute store too. Big too! Walked in and couldn't believe how many different rooms there were full of scrapbook supplies. Picked up our charm for our beads we were wearing. There trinkets were pretty nifty too. It was jewelry like, but made with a melted embossing liquid, really cute. $7.31


Drove down to Brandon next and were happy to be out of the way of that bus and all the people who were on it. We were actually able to get in and check out in a reasonable time limit. The next store that we were at though wasn't as nice as the previous stores. It was actually pretty shabby looking. The store was big, but it just was not set up nice and they weren't really consistent with what they had to offer in the store. And part of the store was jsut full of old shelves that they were no longer using, just kinda piled around. Not the best way to make a good impression. $7.51

Day 2 Coming Soon...

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