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Monday, May 4, 2009

I can't just pick 5!

Don't know if anyone has seen the newest thing on Facebook, but it seems like the latest time waster it the PickFive application. I saw a friend use it one day, and then I started using it, and then like a domino effect, more and more of my friends started to use it too. I've done some that were answered in all seriousness, while others were chosen to see if anyone would have a chuckle at the tings I picked.

So, I decided to compile the Top 5 of my PickeFive lists, and here is what I have for you...

Those are my favorite ones I've done so far. I've done a few movie ones, so I tried to stay away from including those on this list. But today I tried to make do the PickFive for movies that came out the year you were born, and that one was really hard. I know good movies come out every year, but I was looking at the ones that came out in 87 and there were so many good ones. It's funny, how those are no consider classics, some even cult classics, kind of makes me feel old. Haha, I'm only turning 22 and I feel old. Any way, I figured I would come on here and share a few of my favorite movies that came out the year I was born.

Which one's can you point out? And which ones are your favorites?

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I got addicted to that Pick5 also! Ahh, facebook.

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