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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Operation Ultra Penta Dino Alligator Tot Epidemic How Bout No

Look at that title, how strange is that? I wanted something cool and that was what I came up with. Really, it's just Operation U.P.D.A.T.E How Bout No, but I'm feeling this new mission name is cooler then just saying update.

Well, what you see is all I have so far. The other night when I tried to download Photoshop I failed. Well, not me per say, Photoshop failed, it wouldn't open. So now I'm trying to download it as a torrent. If that is not successful, I'm gonna down grade to Corel and attempt to do more with Operation U.P.D.A.T.E. I'm kinda enjoying the wood background, but would still like to do something else with it, and of course, even though I am keeping the picture, I would like that to get updated too.

Tell the next update, I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday, and I leave you with this delightful spoof.

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