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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This new obsession.

Wow, I actually had a life today! Went to the grocery store with Jen, hung out with Nhung down at Baywalk and then went to the baseball game. Even though I woke up at 3:30 I feel like I have had pretty productive day. Not that my days haven't been "productive" I do things all day (all of my day, haha my day ends around the time most people are in their second or third rim cycle of sleep). My days of late have consisted of filling out job applications or sending in my resume to places, recently I have started playing Mafia Wars on Facebook (don't know why though since I have ignored every request people send me for that, I'm usually not to into playing those kinds of things, since they get so addicting, but my brother pressured me into joining his "family" haha and now that is what I play). While I play that, I have started watching HEROES!

Never seen the show before, never really wanted to either, till Zachary Quinto. Yeah, I went to go see Star Trek with my mom (she was so excited when I told her I would. She told me my dad used to come over when they were dating to watch the original TV series, so me wanting to go with her to see the movie was reminiscent of her younger years). At first, I had only wanted to go see the movie because the man was gonna be in it. Yes, I am talking about Mr. Simon Pegg, who gets to play Scotty. Then I had heard Mr. Sexy Bright Blue Eyes himself, Chris Pine was going to be in it, as Kirk and was definitely pumped up to see it. About half way through the movie though I turned to my mom (who talked through out the ENTIRE movie pointing out references from the show and "that didn't happen in the original series" moments) and told her I think I really like this. Wasn't lying, haha, I walked out of that theater actually liking Star Trek. I never watched it before (the original series), but I heard some of the references and knew a little bit. My best friends dad growing up was in love with Star Trek, and always tried to corner us into either hearing about it or watching it, which made us not like it at all. Never saw the movies, only watched some of the newer versions of the TV shows, but that was because my parents watched them, and if I was in the living room (and most of the time I HAD TO stay in the living room) and that was what they wanted to watch, then I had to watch it too.

So going into this film, I didn't know how I would feel coming out of it. But, I am so ready for a sequel. Haha, not only that, but I have a new male obsession, and that is aimed at Mr. Zachary Quinto a.k.a Spock. A couple friends of mine agree, but only like him that way as Spock (haha something about those ears). But the man is talented and so adorable! I'm in love with him. I had a crush on Chris Pine, still kinda do; I've known about him since he did Princess Diaries 2 and I am really happy for him that he is gonna be way more recognizable after this, he is such a talented actor, rent Smokin Aces. The fact that he can go from smooth and cute to dirty and vulgar is talent and I can only see him becoming more popular after this role, but I digress, that crush is still there but I am way more focused on Zachary Quinto now. And because of that, I have started watching the show Heroes.

The same thing happened with John Krasinski. Saw him in License to Wed, fell in love with that boy from Boston and have become a huge fan of the Office now. So much a fan that I have neglected my original Thursday night show, Grey's Anatomy just so I can watch the Office. No worries Grey's Anatomy, I will be back, when the 5th season comes out on dvd, I will be there to gather you up and take you home to witness the countless hours that I have missed (you'll notice when I do that because all I will be doing is talking about that show, haha, or I will be M.I.A for longer then I normally am).

Another thing that I have been obsessing over is Franz Ferdinands latest album, Tonight. Ugh, I heard about it when it first came out and I bought the first song released from it, Ulysses. But, I'm a lametard and I just got the entire thing and it is pure fun! A toe tapping, sing-along, consisting of straight forward lyrics or at times lyrics with subliminal meanings (still trying to figure out is Ulysses is about the Greek story or the Civil War general/18th President). Is that a subliminal message or is that something else? It's probably something else, haha, but what is it called? Aaahhhh! Eh, any way, I love it! I have been listening to it on repeat or in between waiting for Heroes to load.
Favorite Songs from Tonight that I listen to first sometimes before listening to the whole album all the way though:
1. Ulysses
3. No You Girls
5. Twilight Omens
Those are just the three songs I suggest to buy (if you just do single songs) first to kinda get a feel for what the album consists of. There really is only one slowish song on there, but it's cute, and even though it is simple, I still listen to it without feeling distracted (some albums make me scratch my head and wonder if they actually thought about what exactly they were putting on it).

[Note: Listening to the album again since I started this post. Haha I'm trying to find a Zach picture, but I keep getting distracted.]

This was my distraction...
Found here at ONTD_StarTrek

[Note: Finally found a picture that I could use with both gentlemen in it! Win!]

And on that note, I leave you with another new found fascination (not so much an obsession)...

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