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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time of My Life?

I started school last week! So lets hope that strikes some creativity in me to write more. I've already finished my first "project" and the only reason why I put that in quotes is because sure it can be considered a project, but I don't consider it a project. Whatever you call it, it was interesting.

Our teacher asked us to either find a song that involves an ethical issue we support or choose the song you want played at you funeral. I ended up picking one for both, but decided on the funeral song because of my approach.

I had some trouble at first, trying to figure out which route to take on this project. On one hand, I could pick a serious song or I could choose one that made light of the situation. I even had two songs picked out depending on the mood I was in when I finally sat down to write this. I had originally decided to pick a song that discussed an issue that everyone was familiar with, some even directly effected by. But I decided against it because the only way I had been effected was what I heard about in the news. So I took the alternate route, which also turned out to be the humors approach.

I’m generally a happy person and I would like to be remembered as such. Even though a sad or melancholy song might be the more accepted choice at a funeral, being the kind of person that I am, it’s my choice. The last thing I want at my funeral is people to be upset. The time is already going to difficult so why not break it all up with a song that was popular in a movie that came out the year I was born. Before I made this choice, I made sure to ask a couple people how they would feel if they were at my funeral and heard this. Everyone said they would get a huge laugh out of it.

Again it’s very unconventional, but it works. I could say it’s funny, but someone might argue otherwise, but then again, if it’s played at my funeral, I’m not really going to care and honestly they’re going to have to get over it. Things tend to be taken to seriously in the first place, and sure there are moments when the situation needs to be taken as such. But if a laugh can be had in the process or in the darkest situations a little light can be shed, would prefer those over everyone crying and being up in arms.

But what song did I choose...

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