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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ain't No Body Gonna Hold Me Down...

Ain't no body gonna breaka my stride. I need to keep this in mind since I am in so much pain right now. And it's not even pain really, it's how sore I am from practicing. I've never been this sore. I came home from class today and I felt the pain in my ribs. No matter how hard it is for me to get up and sit down, I'm not going to give this up. I am really determined to get past the pain and do well in practice. I'm going to buy my own skates this afternoon. Not me per say, but my mom is giving me an early Christmas present and buying the skates for me. At least now I will be able to go outside and practice on my own.

I sucked so bad at practice last night. I was still unbelievably sore from the first night of practice, which can I say, for as out of shape as I am, I practiced for the whole two hours. I was really surprised, but proud. Last night though, not as great of a feeling. I took eight Advil in between Monday night and last night, still sore as hell. We started doing our falls, and I had the hardest time getting back up from them. The minute I went down, my legs were like "fuck you bitch, we like it down here! And we's gonna stay down here and make you look like a rah tard." But I pushed through it. At least the vets are understanding about the whole thing. I'll get better too. I need to work on my quads, so going to the gym for a bit might work. Start getting back into lifting weights to build up the muscle. I need to do something though, I will not let this get me down.

On a more happy note, tonight I am going to see Tim Gunn in Tampa. He is speaking at USF and part of my writing class that I am taking, we have to cover school events (for any of the schools in the area, since SPC doesn't really offer much in the events calendar) and this is one of our options. Figured it would be fun to get to see him speak, but the one thing we are all trying to figure out is what he is going to be talking about? I don't know, but once we are there, and I get my story written (which is due by midnight) I'll probably post it on here too.

Now despite how lame this post is, I bring you this little gem that made me giggle.

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